New to Peanut allergy-over welmed

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2001 - 6:35am
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pWe have just recently discovered that my 15mth old son is allergic to peanuts, we have yet to any tests done. So we are unsure as to what we are up against. It is all very over welming and scary. He had a reaction that caused his face and neck to be coverd in hives and his left eye swollen so much almose shut. Called 911 and visited the Emerg.My first experience was not an /

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2001 - 10:41am
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i can empathize! what a scary thing. we found out our son (now 15months) when he was almost 12months - his face was totally swollen and his eyes were totally shut - when i think about it now it makes me weak. the stress is everyday and it always seems to be a different challenge. hang in there, learn as much as you can and know there are lots of people out there that have similar feelings

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2001 - 11:23am
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Hang in there! In this case forewarned is
forearmed. We discovered my child's PA at 2.
Four years later, we are still okay.
My friend recently discovered her
7 year old was allergic to certain nuts.
(Her child was never a nut eater)
Their adjustment has been much harder.
They're having to change their thinking,
diet, etc. Starting food allergy precautions
with an older child is MUCH harder!
My friend is having a hard time esp.
with the school, food changes. etc.
Knowing about PA or other nut allergies
at the toddler stage can make the adjustments
easier long term. So HANG ON!! It does get better!

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2001 - 11:34am
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Sorry, SJMAW. Forgot one suggestion.
Pick up the book
"Caring for Your Child with Severe Food
Allergies" by Lisa Cipriano Collins
IT'S FANTASTIC! I got it through the PA
link to It contains great info and will help you see you're not alone. It also discusses things you will face like daycare, school, eating out etc.
I wish I had it 4 years ago!

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2001 - 3:16pm
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Here is a link to the PeanutAllergy.Com books page, this book and others are on this page and we have many other books here we are considering adding. If you have any suggestions for books we should have on the books page email me with them, if you are the author or publisher,contact us and send a copy for our review. Interested in writing a book about peanut allergy? Contact me about this also.
Here is the books page link and I agree with Lyssaarchemedes. I consider it a "must read".
It would be great if you purchased it through PeanutAllergy.Com's amazon link which you will find from our books page, but even if you don't I suggest you get a copy, I recommend it often when new people call us on the phone. I often suggest people purchase a few copies so they can give one to their child's caregivers and relatives etc. Anyone who is in contact with the peanut allergic child could benefit from reading this book. For those of you who don't already know, I have met with the author and spoken with her about her book. I am very impressed with this book and that does not happen often when I am reviewing a book about peanut allergy. I of course would have liked if she put her opinions (which she has) towards some of the issues in the book, but that aside, she does cover many of the topics we deal with (and some topics many of us may not have realized we are dealing with such as she writes about leaning either more towards safety or more towards quality of life and how this balancing back and forth can effect us).
Stay Safe,

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2001 - 6:06pm
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SJMAW & SHALE3 - sorry to hear your news. "Not enjoyable" is quite a mild word, I would say. Hang in there - having had the news at an early age should give you more time to work out adjustments.
Lyssaarchemedes - you say it's a nightmare adjusting the diet for an older child? It may well be so, but imagine having to adjust your diet when the allergy hits you for the first time at age 43 and you have been a virtual omnivore for all those years. For me, it's a nightmare.
I wish all of you all the best of luck & understanding --- you'll find there are plenty of people on this site who can help you with advice and their own experiences, who will listen to your worries & frustration ... we're all in this thing together.
There's a lot of frustration & fear out there waiting for us all, but we'll get through it! Hang in there ! [img][/img]
Nick (PA sufferer)

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2001 - 10:39pm
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Thank you for your words of incouragment. I am going to get the book that you mentioned. I hope that it will shed some light on what will help us with this new challange. How did you all approach friends and going over to their house ? I belong to a MOMS Club and I went to my first activity a few days ago and it was not a fun experience for me. Evertime another child came near him I was on the defensive, there was food with peanut butter in them there. I have yet to let everyone know of Evan's allergy. Any pointers you have is greatly appreciated.

Posted on: Fri, 03/16/2001 - 1:58am
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Another Evan?? There are lots of pa boys on here with the name Evan, including mine!
Your son's first reaction sounds like my son's first reaction. It was his second exposure to peanut butter. He was covered in hives and had facial swelling (eyes & lips).
It seems so overwhelming when first diagnosed, but it gets much easier to deal with as time goes on. The best thing you can do is learn as much as you can. Have you made an appointment with an allergist yet? An allergist can answer so many of your questions and also prescribe an epi-pen for your son. Good luck. Deanna

Posted on: Fri, 03/16/2001 - 5:34am
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You are not going to beleive this, but I am going to add another Evan into the mix. My son Evan was diagnosed last Friday with a peanut allergy. He is 19 months old I have spent the last week crying my eyes out since I ate peanut butter while nursing and pregnant. I had never heard about passing an allergy on to him. I thought I was protecting him!
Luckily his reaction was not as severe as some I have read about. His eyes and face were red and he seemed itchy, but not swollen at all. He never had any trouble breathing. I had no idea what was happening while I was taking him to the pediatrician and his symptoms seemed to be disappearing before we even gave him the Benadryl. I have been lurking on this sight for the past week and haven't had the courage to post. We did see an allergist and out of a scale of 1 -10 he said Evan was at about a 4. I know another reaction may be worse so we are being very careful, but our doctor said that he may grow out of it, or he may not.
Are all children / people severly allergic? Do you just live in constant fear of anaphalaxis? I feel on the verge of tears about 90% of the day and I have having a very hard time coping with the fact that this is all my fault.
I had read somewhere else on this sight that there is a support group in Red Bank, NJ for parents of children with food allergies? Does anyone have any info? I really think that I could use something like this. I actually work in Red Bank, so how easy would that be?
I am glad that I found everyone.

Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2001 - 4:50am
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Hello...My PA dd is named Eve. Not exactly Evan but close anyway, no?
It is very scarey to have a PA child but your best bet is to do a lot of reading on the subject. Clear your home of anything and everything that may contain nuts. When I found out about my dd's allergy, I had all sorts of nut products (I was an avid peanut eater) and I felt it best to do a major cleaning of everything (including rewashing all of the dishes, disinfecting the pantry cabinets...etc). I started to make healthy snacks from home because I didn't trust the labeling on many of the products in the store. It was really scarey at first but I don't worry as much anymore. We avoid eating out and I am militant about watching her whenever we go to visit friends. Now that she's almost 5, she understands about her allergies and is learning to protect herself too. It's hard but it does become a way of life.

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