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Hi, my name is Leann. My daughter Talia was just diagnosed PA. She was 11 months when she had her 1st reaction. She'll be 1 year on July 24th. Her reaction was "mild", just hives on her face and benedryl took care of them within 30 minutes. My doctor has informed me that the first reaction is always the mildest so he did prescript the epipen. It's a scary new world for us. The posting on this board as so helpful, thank you all! I was reading about some of the foods you'd never expect to have peanuts, I discovered the Ritz bits cheese on my own but the jolly ranchers blew me away. I'm not sure I would have even checked the label but I guess that's my newness to this new life. You can NEVER assume! If anyone has more foods that have peanuts that one would never THINK had them, please pass them along! Talia's blood work came back with a 35 rating, which isn't extreme but still put her in the high category. I feel like some family thinks I'm way too overboard with the whole PA thing. At first I almost felt like my parents were laughing at me for being too concerned. I think my being a nasty to them made them realize this is far from a joke and that I am NOT over reacting. Especially when I showed them both how to use the epipen! Any info from you would be greatly appreciated! Like I said, I'm only about a month into this new finding and my mind goes from being OK to feeling helpless, it scares me to think Talia could have a serious reaction. Thank God I don't have to go back to work and I have so much control over what she gets and comes in contact with. I give you working Mom's a lot of credit! Maybe the constant fearfulness will start to decrease, hopefully anyway! Thanks for the read, sorry it's long!

On Jul 15, 2003

Hi Leann

Sorry to hear about your daughter's reaction, but glad it was a mild reaction.

Many parents here find that their extended families [i]think[/i] they're going overboard. Have your parents started to understand how serious this is?

I'm a bit confused about your comment about jolly ranchers. Where did you see that they are not safe. (I thought they were safe both in Canada and the US, now I wonder if I'm wrong about one or both countries.)

And yes, the constant fearfulness will start to decrease. As you become more familiar with what is/is not safe, you will take more control and that will lead to less fear. (Actually, in under a month it sounds like you've taken big strides.) [img][/img]

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On Jul 15, 2003

yes, wondering about the jolly rancher comment? My PA daughter eats the candies ALL THE TIME..with no problem...I have NEVER seen a "peanut" warning on them.

On Jul 15, 2003

I actually read that on these boards but I checked today at the store and there is no meniton of peanuts. I'll have to look again for that post! Thanks for your replys!

On Aug 22, 2003

Hello Leann!

since your new to the PA world, i would reccomend going to , they have a beginners kit that has good information, and even rebate offers. also, about the candy- i am 12 and have a peanut allergy rating of 4 out of 5 (for severity) and for 10 years i've been eating candies like m&m's ,ect just as long as it wasnt chocked full of peanuts i was fine. i think my family 1st found out that i was allergic when i was 6 months. and i also practice with those epipen jouniors. hope this helps!! [img][/img]

On Aug 22, 2003

Wow, its hard to beleive jolly ranchers contain peanuts, my son eats the Jolly Rancher lollipops all the time and he has never had a problem .I am looking at the bag at this minute and there is nothing about peanuts on the entire bag and the lollipops are the same candies they are just on a stick. Where did you get your information,just curious before I call Jolly Rancher.

On Aug 22, 2003

I read a posting on here somewhere about the jolly ranchers but I checked the bag also and don't see any peanuts. I tried to find the post but I can't, some mis-information I guess.

On Aug 25, 2003

Hi! I have called Jolly Ranchers and they told me that they were safe for peanut/tree nut allergies. The Jolly Ranchers are made in a nut free facility and thats the only thing that they make. You may try and call and see what they tell you.