new to group, other adults with PA?


I was delighted to find this site, if for no other reason than to realize that I'm not a dork for being so vigilant about food. :-) I am an adult and have dealt with PA/TNA all my life, but only now am I really starting to see how lucky I am to have grown up with so few bad episodes. My parents, while very attentive, did not understand fully the implications of this condition, so they kept peanut butter and other allergens in the house without concern. I missed out on training for awareness and avoidance, especially when it comes to eating at restaurants. I'm very vigilant now (ask a lot of questions, carry an epi-pen at all times), but I still have a lot of confidence issues. Does anyone have suggestions to help with restaurant paranoia?

On Feb 25, 2003

Welcome, steph626! Sorry, I don't have any restaurant tips for you. I am a bit paranoid for my son eating out as he has multiple food allergens to avoid and the cross-contamination issue is a biggie and one that I'm not sure many restaurants understand. You might want to check-out FAAN's website for any tips. [url=""][/url] I thought that I saw somewhere where you could have a card to present to your server which lists your allergies and the seriousness of them. Might be worth looking into.

It will be nice to have another PA adults input on the boards!

On Feb 25, 2003

Yes, the cross-contamination issue has presented the biggest problem when it comes to eating out. I've visited FAAN's site several times and have found it helpful, although because of them I now avoid some restaurants that I used to visit!

On Feb 25, 2003

Hi Steph

I'm another adult with PA. Sorry I can't offer much help with restaurants though. Due to sesame seeds I eat in only one restaurant and it is only in my city.

I have learned how to bring my own food anywhere I go though. I travelled (2 days each direction) with a toddler, picnicing along the way. Even going to indoor amusements I call ahead to make sure I can bring my own food (so far no problem with that). Several years ago I even brought my own dinner to a wedding. I was going to skip the beginning of the reception, but the bride insisted that I go, and she'd *take care* of anyone with complaints. (Just imagine it! In her long white dress! I was hoping for trouble just to see it! lol)

Welcome to the board.

On Feb 25, 2003

Oh man, have I been there! Weddings and other catered events seem to be the bane of my existence--I've given up trying to call ahead and figure out what's going to be served, etc., since something always seems to go wrong with that. I always bring my own food or something to snack on. Travelling is another one that I haven't quite mastered--looks like picnics are a good idea.

Glad to know there are a few of us adult PA'a out there!!

On Feb 26, 2003

AHA! Found the restaurant card! It is at [url=""][/url]

click on Restaurant information

On Feb 26, 2003

Very handy--thanks for the link!

On Feb 26, 2003


I am fairly new to PA myself. I haven't had really severe reactions, so this whole restaurant thing is new to me as well. I suppose it's a good thing we don't eat out hardly ever....I love to cook.

On Feb 27, 2003

Hello! I am TNA/PA like you, but I only developed my allergies 2 years ago. I have avoided restaurants since I had my two anaphylactic reactions, and don't miss them at all! I feel more comfortable cooking my own food so I can be assured that all ingredients are safe. I just don't have the confidence in restaurants, after hearing many terrible stories of mix-ups.

On Feb 27, 2003

steph626 : welcome to the community.

My allergy history :- ** I am (ahem!) just about to go into the 2nd half of my 40s... [img][/img] ** I developed the nut & sesame allergy 3 years ago ... and before that, ate nuts almost daily ** I live in the UK, where food labelling in supermarkets is good, but restaurants still have a bit of catching-up to do ** I was 300% paranoid to start with and have now reduced that to 150% paranoia and 150% resignation / boredom ** I trust NO-ONE apart from myself to keep me safe : until you have experienced the problem yourself (or for your children etc.) you do not fully understand. Family & friends "forget" or don't "get it" sometimes. ** Label-reading is a full-time occupation

BUT : hey, I could have developed something FAR worse. I count myself lucky (if that's the right word!).

When it comes to restaurants, I only eat in one chain : Pizza Express. They are excellent with their labeling and customer care. Mind you, sometimes, threatening that "if they don't take care, they could be watching me go out of the place on a stretcher" often focuses their minds! [img][/img]

Hang around this community & stay safe!

On Feb 27, 2003

Yes--I think I'm there at about 150% paranoia and 150% resignation. I'd really like to get a few restaurants under my belt, so that when I visit, they know me and are accustomed to my questions. It's a lot of work, tho.... maybe someday. :-)

Posting here and reading responses has been encouraging, tho--thanks everyone!

On Feb 27, 2003

Hi Steph626,

Welcome! I am an adult with PA too (but no tree nut allergy).

I have had no time to post tonight, but I will post more info on the weekend.

Once again, welcome! It is nice to see more adults here [img][/img]

On Feb 28, 2003

Eric, I've noticed there are more and more adults here too. I guess partly 'cuz the kids are growing up, but also many adult onset.

I used to deal with comments like;

*Haven't you outgrown that yet?

*I thought peanut allergy was for kids, like chicken pox.

Hmmm! NOT glad to see others going through this, but I am glad we can get together.

On Mar 1, 2003

I'm another adult with pa. I haven't always been a good girl and carried an epi pen but couple of nasty reactions in the last few years have put me on the straight and narrow! My advice is ask questions when you book a table and ask again when you arrive - sometimes they will put a special on that may contain p/n and if you are worried - go elsewhere. When I was growing up I thought p/n allergy was rare. The only other person I knew who had p/n allergy was my twin sister. Of course I know better now and it is great to have this site to check out.

On Mar 7, 2003

G'day Steph,

We pretty much don't eat out, but when we do we ask about PN and tell them how dangerous it can be.

There are a couple of places we're happy enough to go back to, but of course we re-ask each time.

We were recently refused service at a wedding reception held at Amo Roma, a glitzy Italian restuarant in Sydney.

Be careful and welcome to the site.

Geoff (Helen's hubby) [img][/img]

On Mar 8, 2003

Anna Marie...

Just a note about the chicken pox...I caught them at 24 and it was HORRIBLE!!!! I've never been so sick in my life! Ug!

:P My son caught them from me at 11 months old, which I was thankful for. Nasty stuff.

On Mar 9, 2003

Karen, my hubby caught chicken pox in his thirties. He had them really bad too, during a heat wave. When he sat outside on the balcony the pox would burn from the curry our neighbours were cooking with.