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Hi all, I'm new to this forum. My 22 month old DS was recently diagnosed as peanut allergic, +2 on the RAST test, and "questionably" sensitive to sesame (per his allergist) via skin testing. He had a 1+ on the RAST to egg white but eats eggs without any problem at all so the allergist feels that's a false positive. He had a skin rash and some hives to ingested peanut butter ("scavenged" from his older sister) and recently had a spontaneously resolving episode of tongue swelling after eating a cinnamon pretzel at the mall. We're still not sure exactly what caused that episode but our best guess is peanut contamination. Thankfully, he's not allergic to tree nuts, wheat, soy, etc.

I am looking forward to getting information on living safely and sanely with peanut allergy! I'm also particularly interested in product and brand recommendations!

Thanks for reading!

On Feb 14, 2008


My son is 5 1/2 he was diagnosed just after 3yrs old he is allergic to Peanuts and Treenuts. His first reaction was coughing and repeated vomitting. He is currently a class 5 rast of 60.

Off the top of my head there are Crackers "Breton" that are made in a nut free facility - I believe it states that on the box. And Philly Swirl is ice cream that last I checked was made in a nut free facility. Of course you will want to verify that for yourself.

We have a nut free home and don't do may contains, processed on's. We also dont eat from Bakeries Ice cream shops and are very choosy about restaurants.


On Feb 14, 2008

Hi and Welcome,

My son is 7 and had been diagnosed since age 2. We do nothave any peanut products inthe the house or "may contains". things. For choclate and thing I order from vermont nut free chocolates ( Ithink they have a link under manfacturers). I use Lays products.. for chips and such. they label very clearly... I havn't called them in a while but I think they make peanut snacks in a different facility. I am lucky to have bakery that does cakes near me that is peanut free.

I buy pepperiage farm breads. I made a spread sheet in excel with the manufactuers # and the allergy policy. you just have to read labels good luck! Therese

On Feb 19, 2008

Hi coolcrnp welcome to Sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis. My dd's first and only reaction was at ten months so I can relate to having a young one with pa. Although my dd is almost ten now, I still remember the early days very well. It does get easier to deal with over time and with more knowledge on the issues.