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I found out my son was allergic to peanuts 9 months ago. I am still trying to figure all this allergy stuff out. My 19 month old son had more skin tests done Thursday and they have only tested for a few foods but so far has been allergic to everyone. So far they have we have found out he is allergic to peanuts, eggs, milk, chocolate, wheat, soybean, fish, shrimp and oyster. I dont understand. I know my son has had wheat and soybean and I havent noticed any serious reaction (not like the peanut). I know he does develope a rash after eating. It seems like atleast once a day. I dont know what I am going to feed this poor child. I know all of you understand allergy tests. His p.a was a 4+ and all the rest were 2+. I am waiting on the doctors letter that will explain. Can anyone give me any input? Thanks

------------------ heather

On Feb 3, 2002

Hi, Welcome to the boards. It is confusing at first learning positive allergy testing to certain things but I'm pretty sure your alergist will give his/her interptation of results and hopefully you will feel better. I did. My son's skin testing of long ago was +9 egg, +9 peanut, +7 white potato, +5 shellfish, +6 chicken, later CAP RAST found even more positives, soy, wheat, treenuts, sesame seeds, and two fruits. Son is 11 now and has outgrown some foods(white potato, chicken) was allergic to and some were likely false positvies ( soy, wheat, oranges) Wheat was a false positive on test for us because son's environmental allergies to grasses are off the charts and test wasn't "smart" enough to tell the difference so thankfuly he didn't have a 2nd period of time restricting and challenging wheat- doctor went by history of no reaction after eating wheat and having no reaction. However we did go through time of restricting soy before number came down enough to challenge. So it may take some time to sort things out. What type or reaction did he have to peanuts? We won't let allergist do skin testing anymore as at 6 yr old son had welts on other places on the body and huge long one at peanut site. We went to CAP RAST testing where blood is drawn and then exposed to allergens. This year he will have a RAST test which is just different name for almost the same test.

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On Feb 3, 2002

Hi Jandy, Thanks for your response. I just don't understand the numbers on these tests. I wanted our allergist to do the RAST test so they could check for more. I don't know why but the allergist here doesn

On Feb 3, 2002

Hi again,

Yes, I think +4 is a pretty severe allergy rating. My son's number's whether skin testing or CAP RAST have "raised eyebrow's" of all the allergists and assistants he's seen. though he's been saved from many reactions because we didn't ever give him the food- he had reactions from food through breast milk and I was put on restricted diet to no avail as we weren't able to pinpoint food triggers (were too many of them) So there are foods he never eaten except through breast milk. (shellfish, strawberries, peaches,anything clearly containing peanuts, eggs by themselves) Many of things recalled for missing a ingred on label we didn't give him because they contained one or more of his other allergens. The good news is some of his scores are starting to come down. 2 yrs ago he had seven food off the charts last year only 2 some just barely stayed on the chart but one went from >100 all the way down to 43. Take Care and stay safe,


On Feb 3, 2002

That's great! Thanks Jandy that gives me hope. It is so nice to talk with someone who understands. I am real excited about this web site. Thanks again for your response. Hope to talk with you again. Heather

On Feb 4, 2002

I just don't understand! Can someone please explain? If my son has a 2+ allergy and I see no visible reaction and seem fine after eating, why should he not be able to eat it? For example he is allergic to wheat and soybean. He has been eating foods that contain these things. Can his allergy get worse? Please help me understand as you can see I am very new to this!

On Apr 10, 2002

Our 10 month old had a reaction to a 1/4 of a Ritz bitz pb cracker. She choked immediately and within an hour got hives and started swelling around they eyes and mouth. We were told at the er to just stay away from pb and pb oil. Our dr was gone so we seen his associate. He just told us the same thing. NO ONE every mentioned the possiblity of cross contamination. I am not happy to see all this about cross contamination. Our daughter has other medical issues, so we heard about web site from our children's hospital. Thank goodness we get other medical care, so we are involved with other doctors. It's not as simple as the ER made it. We go for testing this month.

On Apr 10, 2002

hwood, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to see that last post of yours!

My understanding from having gone through something very similar to your story is that false POSITIVES are quite common- with *both* tests. Neither is "inaccurate" so far as it goes- so RAST really detects IgE levels that are real, but our allergist recently explained that food allergies are a lot more complicated than simple IgE interactions and histamine release. Skin tests also do not measure the whole allergic response, and are notorious for producing false positives in food allergy tests.

To make a long story short, our clinicians have concurred that once your child's immune system has matured substantially (say at 2-4 years old) nothing much is going to change- so if htye don't have clinical symptoms for wheat and the IgE levels are not very high (ours are a class 2 as well) then it isn't an issue. It is even possible to have both skin and RAST tests show an "allergy" which simply doesn't manifest at all. DH is allergic to cats- in theory. But we have often had a cat and he's never been bothered by it. He also still shows an allergy to green beans, but has been able to eat them regularly since he was about ten. I can have all the dairy products I want now, but skin testing still shows an allergy.


On Apr 10, 2002

hwood, I think that what you are asking is why can he not have the foods that he is a 2+ to...

What my allergist told me in regards to this is that the skin prick test's were rated on a scale of 0 to 4+. My son is a 4+ to peanuts and cats and a 3 to shellfish. These things we avoid at all costs. He is also a 2 or 2+ to many foods. When I asked about whether to avoid these things also they told me no. As long as he didn't have a reaction to them he could continue to eat them. One example was chocolate. Something that he had never reacted to but was a 2+. They said letting him have a piece of chocolate cake or a candy bar was fine but not to let him sit and eat a whole bag of chocolate candy. So I guess the key is not overdoing [img][/img]

Hope this helps, Valerie (Who is in sleep mode due to the fact that her 6yo pa son just got out of the hospital with a bad asthma attack.)

On Apr 11, 2002

Actually, I am really glad Valerie mentioned that because it made me look to see how old your child is right now, Heather.

When our daughter was 11 months old, she had pretty mild-moderate gastrointestinal symptoms with wheat, rye, and soy. (all were class 2 via CAP RAST) We were told by our allergist to eliminate them, and we noticed a big big difference within a couple of days. We kept it up (two very long years. [img][/img] ) until we skin tested just a month or so ago- even though RAST numbers never changed, she has no skin response to any of the three now. I am happy that we worked so hard to eliminate them and give her immune system a chance to "forget" about them. Dairy she still has to do in moderation or her eczema flares up pretty bad.

If you want some ideas for eliminating wheat and seeing what happens, drop me an e-mail.