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Hello. I'm a 33 year-old male who up until a couple of days ago wasn't allergic to a thing. I live in one of the worst cities for allergy sufferers (Austin), but I could go outside when pollen/mold/etc. counts were through the roof with little ill effect.

Wednesday night I had a rash under my armpits and wasn't overly concerned. Thursday morning I was red head to toe. My doctor said it was definately hives, a reaction to something I injested. Both he and his physician's assistant said it was a very bad case and were surprised I had no difficulty breathing and that it was not itching. He prescribed steroids and I was on my way.

Well, Thursday night I had an ice cream bar with my son that contained almonds and walnuts. We had the same thing Wednesday night. This morning I woke up and was red head to toe again. My throat felt tight, but I was could still breath easily. I went back in and got a cortisone shot. The redness and swelling subsided, but what really shook me was how it was suddenly so easy to breathe. I didn't realize I was effectively breathing through a straw.

I was born in a state known for its peanut farming governor turned president and just absolutely LOVE nuts of all kinds. But it's looking like I've developed this allergy. Absolutely no one in my family has anything similar. Has anyone else experienced the same sort of thing?


On Oct 13, 2002

Welcome to the site. I am so sorry that you have developed this allergy. I am the mother of a 10 year old son who has food allergies. I do not have food allergies myself but I am afraid of the possibility of developing them. There are adults at the site who have had the same experience as you. You may want to visit the Adults with PA section.

Have you seen an allergist? You really need to do that and get tested to see what you are reacting to. You should also be carrying an epipen around at all times. Reaction times can vary and they are life saving. Keep reading here but I really recommend that you see an allergist.

By the way, we lived in Austin for a short time a few years ago. It is a great city. My families allergies were pretty much gone while we were there but I guess you get allergic to the things you are constantly around. We live in NC...another high allergy state. Good luck!

On Oct 13, 2002

Hi, J! Welcome - sorry to hear about your reaction - have you had any allergy testing done yet? Did you doctor give you an epipen? Make sure you get one (or more) pronto to keep on you at all times! Sorry, I can't help you - my daughter is peanut allergic since she was a toddler but I'm sure if you go on the Adults Living with PA you'll have luck finding some answers. The more I am on these boards, the more I see adults who suddenly become allergic to peanuts or nuts. Personally, since I've found out the info I have, I have NO desire to indulge in peanuts or nuts ever! Well, good luck to you and stay safe. Make sure you get those epipens!


On Oct 20, 2002

Hi. I am an adult (31) who has had PA since I was 3 years old. I had one family member who was allergic to peanuts, but no one else is. I also have one family member who is allergic to ALL nuts but peanuts! I have family on both sides who have some kind of allergy, whether it's a food allergy or environmental allergy, and there are asthmatics in my family too.

I, however, often feel very alone b/c of the peanut allergy. I feel like no one in my family truly understands the fear I have every day-that I never know if I will react to someone accidentally eating it or if I will accidentally eat it. I do read ALL ingredients and will NOT eat anything I am not sure of, even from family.

On Oct 20, 2002

Thanks to all who responded.

My rash went away. I have since eaten nuts and had no reaction. Really, really weird.


On Oct 26, 2002

Yep, us adults who start out with ZERO allergies can get them-it seems overnight.

I started with severe pollen allergies...and then one day, I was eating fresh out of the shell hazelnuts at my parent's house. My throat began to swell...I had antihistimines on me, so I took one immediately, and the sensation went away. A few months later I then was eating some candy with almonds on it, and my mouth began to itch.

I went to the allergist, was tested, and lo and behold, I'm allergic to walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. I carry an Epi-pen now and am in the process of getting a Medic Alert bracelet.

Even my step daughter, who loves peanuts, ate them with no ill effects until one day at a fair she had some fresh roasted ones and woke up in the hospital.

Adults do develop allergies-I strongly reccommend that you go to an allergist, and get yourself an epi-pen (and stay away from those nuts!) [img][/img] Good luck!

On Oct 27, 2002

Are you sure it's not a case of hives that is viral related? Viruses sometimes cause a case of hives in people that stays for a few days/weeks (on and off). I had that experience a few months ago and it was definitely a virus that caused it because my daughter had it and then a week later I got it - it was weird but it usually developed if I got too hot/cold and I feel tingly and then the hives would develop all over my body. I took Zyrtec (may be another name in the US) and it seemed to control it but once the drug wore off, the hives returned again. Funnily enough the hives weren't really itchy - they were just tingly...anyway, it went away after a few weeks. I would agree that you should get yourself tested just in case to rule out allergies...