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Hi all,

I am new here and a mom of 2. My youngest (1 year) was diagnosed two weeks ago with a peanut allergy (level 5) through a RAST test, he

On Apr 6, 2007

Welcome! It sounds like you've got quite a challenge with such a list of foods; have they explored the possibility of any of them being false positives? You must have gone right to an allergist who's involved in a study to get him on sublingual treatment within 2 weeks. Sounds like you're getting it all together quickly.

On Apr 6, 2007

Thanks! His allergists and nurses are great. I did ask was this a "true" result and they indicated with the numbers he had and the amount of allergies he had that it wouldn't be a false positive.

However, I did run across an article last night that talked about peanut false positives, especially when they've never been exposed to it, so I may question it again.

------------------ Rachelle

On Apr 6, 2007

Welcome! You may also want to check out [url=""][/url] for additional support for all of the food allergies you are dealing with.

------------------ Mom to: D (5) NKA Z (4) Peanut, Milk, Egg, etc...

On Apr 7, 2007

My daughter has some of those allergies. She is allergic to peanuts, milk, eggs, and rice (and keflex, and environmental allergies.) I might have some advice on the eczema. My pediatrician suggested wetting down my daughter (either by bath or with a wet wash cloth) and getting lotion on her while she skin is still wet twice a day. It took a while to work but her skin got much better in a couple of weeks. She is three and I don't have to do that twice a day any more. Her skin is soft and smooth like a babies. I hope this helps you. Oh Welcome. I didn't know they were trying subligual on a child so young. May I ask for which of her allergies? Cindy

On Apr 7, 2007

Hi! Thanks for the link and eczema advice. Aidan's skin has cleared up a lot since we eliminated his trigger foods, but when he flares up again I'll try what you suggested.

We are just doing environmental allergies for the first 3 months. After that we'll introduce the foods and see how he does, then we'll have another blood test to see if there is any change.

I didn't think they would do the drops on someone so young either, but they said with his numbers being as high as they were and with the severe eczema he was probably a good candidate for asthma in the future, and if we started the drops now his chances would improve with the asthma. I hope it does help him.

Was your daugther able to sleep at night with her eczema? Poor Aidan is up a lot scratching his face and crying, that's why I'm glad we figured out what was causing it.

Thanks again!

On Apr 7, 2007

Hi and welcome.

On Apr 7, 2007

My daughter used to move constantly in her sleep because of the eczema. She didn't sleep much. She didn't sleep so I didn't sleep - for months. First we didn't know what it was and then it took a while to get things under control. If you are new to this you are probably incredibly frazzled by it. I think of it a bit like the alcoholics do. I just take it one day at a time and over time you get used to it. This site will help. Meeting other people with the same problems will help. Things get easier. Cindy