New shellfish & iodine warning at Chilis!!

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I read this on the Chilis website and saw it on a flyer in my paper this weekend:

"NOTICE: Please notify your server if you are allergic to or believe yourself to be allergic to any type of shellfish or iodine BEFORE you order any fried food items as they will be cooked in the same oil as our New Lobster Rolls."

Um, how hard is it to have 2 separate fryers?? Hello! A LOT of people I know are allergic to shellfish. I wonder how many other restaurants do this but don't say anything. Ick. That's why I stay away from fried foods because I'm always worried that 1) they use peanut oil, or 2) they could be frying something nutty and my food in the same oil.

On Sep 14, 2005

I saw that on their menu last week and thought it was great!

We go to Chilis sometimes because all my son likes to eat there is kraft mac & cheese so we feel ok about it...

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On Sep 14, 2005

I wish they had separate fryers. I wish they didn't have nuts at all. However, most places do have nuts and many do use the same oil. I'm trying to look at it another way. There is a silver lining to all of this.

I'm glad that Chili's is starting to inform people about it!!!

I would hate for them to try to inform people with allergies about their procedures, find that people are upset, and figure it's not worth their time. I appreciate that they are telling us the information. So many other restaurants have just told us, "It's not safe for your daughter to eat here." They did not try to work with us at all.

My family has only been able to get take out from Outback and we've eaten in Burger King and McDonald's (we wipe down the tables and take necessary precautions...) Most of the time, I cook everything homemade. I appreciate it when these restaurants are trying to accommodate us.

I have been in contact with MANY restaurants so I can try to take dd to other places. Most just told me that I'd be better off not taking her there. Chili's recently sent me "safe" items for the month of September only. However, there is the cover your *** clause stating that they can't absolutely guarantee that there is no chance of cross contamination.

My husband and I are debating about whether or not this restaurant is in our comfort zone. I'll post their letter to me, but please, contact them yourself. The menu items may differ from restaurant to restaurant and I don't want anyone to take any chances. Be safe! -------------------------------------

Dear Mrs. xxxxxx, I am sending you this email to ensure that you received a reply to your recent question on suitable menu items for your daughter's dietary allergies. We appreciate your contacting Chili's. At Chili