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Check out our two new products for the Epipen. Epi-tote single and Epi-tote Twin carrying cases for the Epipen. For more information visit our web site at [url=""][/url]

On May 1, 2001

Protectube has informed us that they have addressed the problem we originally had with the cover on their product. We will now be able to promote the product. We have added it to the products page, and will be sending out information about the product to our community etc. They have also decided to help support PeanutAllergy.Com by donating a portion of the purchase price if you tell them you came from PeanutAllergy.Com. There is a place on their on-line order page to write where you came from, please remember to tell them you came from PeanutAllergy.Com If you will be ordering by regular mail or phone etc. be sure to let them know also.

Here is a link to the PeanutAllergy.Com products page with this and other products which can help to carry auto-injectors and other medications, as well as Vermont Nut Free chocolate company, books for adults and children, T-shirts etc. Here is the link (web address) [url=""][/url]