New peanut/egg free bakery Massachusetts


I just found out about a Bakery in Wilmington Mass that makes peanut/egg free baked goods. Their website is "". I just ordered some gingerbread cookies for my son to bring to school and they were delicious. I also ordered some brownies, christmas suger cookies, and muffins but they will be delivered to me on Thursday, can't wait to try them.

I was so excited to find them. Wanted to share the news.

On Dec 20, 2005

I live in S. NH just over the border from MA and was very interested to read your post-however I can't get the website address to work....

Do you have their phone number? or a different web address? Thanks! Shandra

On Dec 21, 2005

[url=""][/url] if you still can't bring it up their phone number is 781-756-0514.

On Jan 23, 2006

MaggieLu's was awesome! I ordered a Darth Vador, marble cake which was great. DS was very pleased. I love that the cake was delvered to me! One less thing I had to do. I would highly recommend the bakery.

On Feb 28, 2006

Thank you for your inerest in MaggieLu's Baked Goods. I am sorry to say that there are restrictions on our state kitchen license that require us to do business only in Massachusetts. I would have loved to help you and will keep your email information in case anything changes in the future. I would also point out that there is another company, CherryBrook Kitchens, that make cake and cookie mixes that are egg and nut free. They are available at Whole Foods Stores and some grocery stores. I believe they also have a website. I know it doesn't solve the decorating aspect of the birthday cake for you but I have heard that the cakes are tasty. You could frost it simply and then add some princess figurines for decoration. Frosted sugar ice cream cones, upside down on the cake make great turrets for a castle. Good luck! Thank you again for your interest. Sincerely, Barbara Foot Maggie Lu's Baked Goods