New peanut-free chocolate bar - Coffee Crisp raspberry


There is another peanut-free chocolate bar available in Canada. Nestle Canada is making "Coffee Crisp raspberry" chocolate bars. I bought one at the store today and I like it (I like raspberries).

So now there are 4 types of peanut-free Coffee Crisp bars available:

Coffee Crisp (original) Coffee Crisp (triple chocolate) Coffee Crisp (orange) Coffee Crisp (raspberry)

On May 8, 2002

Whoa! Bring it ON!! Chocoholics unite! No wearing a bikini this year either, I guess. [img][/img]

Thanks so much Erik for your continued info on the Canadian food front. [img][/img]


On May 9, 2002

Thanks Eric. I'll have to try that one.

When Nestle planned to bring peanuts into all facilities they received soooooo many letters. Looks like they really listened. Expanding for the PA folks is guaranteed money. (I also suggested they start supplying PA free products like Smarties to the US. That would definitely expand their market.)

On May 9, 2002

Oh my gosh... that sounds soooooo yummy! Wish I could get one!! (I'm in the US. [img][/img] )

On May 11, 2002

Nestle Canada seems to be introducing a lot of new chocolate bars this week.

In addition to Alphabet Smarties and Coffee Crisp Raspberry, I saw the following new chocolate bar today:

Kit Kat Chunky MAX

It is the same as a Kit Kat Chunky, but larger.. it is 72 grams in size. Peanut/nut-free also of course.

On Mar 21, 2003

According to the Nestle Canada web site, the orange and raspberry Coffee Crisps, the orange Aero, and the orange Kit Kat are no longer being produced.

There were only "special editions" for a limited time, so if anyone wants them, you better stock up soon while they are still in the stores.

The new bars that are available now replacing the above are the Coffee Crisp triple mocha and french vanilla. [img][/img]

On Sep 29, 2003

I have notoiced that Nestle Canada is once again making Aero Orange and Kit Kat Orange... so they are back!!!! [img][/img]