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My 12 month old son was just diagnosed with peanut allergy. I am having difficulty determining which products are truly peanut free. I have a list of ingredients obtained from FAAN, but am overwhelmed by the number of foods excluded from his diet. Do you know of any lists of "approved" peanut free foods? I especially need a list of snack and candy type foods. I appreciate any advice, lists, links that you may suggest.

On Jan 9, 2002

Hello and welcome to the board!

Some foods that I consider safe for my peanut- and almond-allergic 17-month-old are plain Cheerios, honey Teddy Grahams, corn and rice Chex, and Gerber snack crackers and cookies (except for the wagon wheels, which "may contain" nuts). I've been told that plain and cheddar Goldfish crackers are okay, too, but haven't tried them. I've also been thinking about trying Trix cereal ... it's made by General Mills.

The Campbell's soup people told me that they will label anything that may contain nuts. General Mills (which makes Betty Crocker products, cereals, etc.) is supposedly very good about labeling, too.

The tricky part is contacting companies that don't label stuff, and finding out that their products may contain nuts. Wesson oils, for example, may be cross-contaminated with peanut oil. (Crisco oils and shortenings are supposedly nut-free.) The Philadelphia cream cheese folks told me that none of their cream cheeses are safe for us. (Lucerne/Safeway, on the other hand, says that their cream cheese is safe.)

Also, it's tricky to know how cautious to be with this allergy. A lot of the parents here still feed their kids Philly cream cheese and Wesson oil, and haven't had a problem.

I'm still feeding Tim mostly jarred baby food, though I'm starting to cook more foods from scratch and feed them to him.

Hang in there ...

On Jan 9, 2002

Oh, yes ... I forgot to mention Krispy Kreme doughnuts (which we haven't tried, but they may be locating a store here soon) and Dum Dums lollipops. Someone on one of the other boards posted that Tootsie Rolls and Junior Mints are nut-free, too.