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New Owner - I need to Edit a Past Posting

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Dear new site owner:

Sometime ago I posted a topic and now find myself needing to edit out certain information.

When a Product goes from safe to unsafe, over a period of time I am unable to edit my post to reflect this change.

Can you please give us back our rights to edit postings without a time period. This year certain Kraft products may be safe; next year this product may not be safe for our community.

If we are not allowed to edit our postings from the past.... Are You Going to Do All the Editing To Keep the Info Current and Reliable?

We need our rights to edit our info in postings re-established.

Thank you kindly for restoring our right to edit, regardless of date of original post.

On Jun 12, 2008


I have extended it to 90 days for now on this system. We do not want to make any major changes as we are moving to a new technology that will not have any limits. Will this work?



On Jun 18, 2008

Yes - thank you.

And knowing in the future your new tec. won't set limits is beneficial to the members who are interested in keeping their previous posts 'current' by way of updating the info contained therein via an editing feature.