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Hello Everyone! I feel better already just reading some of the other postings. Less than a week ago, we found out that our 16 month old son is allergic to peanuts. He had about 1/3 tsp of peanut butter and immediately vomited and was crying, then within about 5 mins. his lip was swollen, drooling like crazy, and slightly short of breath. We called 911(I never thought I would have to dial that #) & took an ambulance ride to the hospital, where they gave him Benedryl & a shot of Epinephrine. After the medicine he was fine and waving & smiling to all the other ER patients. Meanwhile, Mom & Dad are blown away! Wow, I never thought something as small as a little peanut could make such a big change in our lives! I'm still in the research phase... and the guilt phase... and the "this sucks" phase... and just feeling overwhelmed. I am sure I will fine lots of useful information on this BB. So glad we are not alone! Thanks! Karen

On Jun 28, 2003

Welcome Karen, and take a deep breath.

Most of us have been where you are today. It's a very difficult time when you first learn that your child has a peanut allergy. The old saying that you don't know until you live it, certainly holds true in this case. You can be very allergy aware, but until it's your child, you can't fully understand.

Don't feel that you are going to get over this next week or the week after. It's going to take a long time for you to settle into the peanut allergy lifestyle. And even then there will always be hurdles to jump.

Well, you'll certainly find plenty of people to relate to here, and there is plenty of support when you just need someone to listen.

On Jun 28, 2003


Welcome. My son is 18, allergic to peanuts, milk, soy, oats, cod and tomatoes.

He's 18, that says a lot. We carefully avoided and taught him how to avoid peanuts his whole life.

Careful avoidance and QUICK ACTION during his three reactions got us to this point today.

He's going off to college in September and although I will be bereft without him, this is his time and I want him to enjoy himself.

You can learn a lot here. We are all pioneers and we do a wonderful job of supporting each other.

Take it in small doses though because even to a "seasoned veteran" like myself it can be overwhelming at times.

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions.

How did you find us?


On Jun 28, 2003

Welcome Karen!

Your son is about the same age mine was when we found out. He is 9 now, and extremely responsible about keeping himself safe and carrying his epipen.

On the bright side (bright side?) he is so young that he has the opportunity to grow up with PA as just being a part of him. We started teaching Kevin from the get-go to check with us before eating anything and as he got older he started taking more age-appropriate responsibility.

Take a deep breath, lose the guilt and keep reading. If you are anything like me you'll feel more "in control" when you have more information.

I look forward to seeing you on the boards.


On Jun 28, 2003

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Peggy - I found this site just by searching aol key words "peanut allergy". I'm glad I found this site so early on. I look forward to chating more.

On Jul 30, 2003

Hi Everyone, I am new here as well, and very thankful for all of the info I've read so far on this site. Our allergist gave us some reading material when my son was diagnosed last week, but the additional info I've found on this site has been a real eye-opener. Frankly, I'm a little annoyed he didn't provide me very much info. I don't know enough about allergies (I never had any myself) to ask a whole lot of questions. Plus I was too shocked I think to ask much.

Anyways, this site is awesome, but I'm having a little trouble understanding some of the abbreviations people use. Like "dd", "ds", things like that. Can anyone help me figure out the most commonly used ones?

On Jul 30, 2003

Welcome KarenF and Lacia

KarenF I too found out the hard way. Little V was 18 months old when we went to the ER.I can still hear the nurse asking me is she was a burn victim.

ER gave her IV and started to montier her. Her oxy and went to 75 % that is when they told me to call my darling husband at that point I feared for her life.

She is ok we haved learned how to keep her safe.She is 4 now.

It does get better once you learn and educated your self and those around you.

This BB has been a life saver for Little V and her family.There is a world of info. here and lots of caring support.

Don't ever think a question is to small to ask.We are here for each other.


The abbreviations are dd,ds,dh---darling daughter--darling son---darling husband.

Some were on the board is a list of abbreviations If I can't find it maybe one of the old timers can.

Keep those kids safe. Looking forward to you postes.

Love this site Synthia

On Jul 30, 2003

HI, new to with my infant 9months old,I feel all those thing to,but I feel even worse sometime because everywhere I look it seems every mom knew not to give peanut butter until at least one year old,my other two are older and it is new to us,well,I agree with you here lots of nice people and great help.Good luck to you also,I will keep an eye out for you to.Stay safe...

On Jul 30, 2003

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