New Orleans


Any suggestions for New Orleans? Jazz Fest? Am peanut, tree nut, sesame, chick pea allergic.

On Mar 10, 2005

Be very explicit when you ask. A lot of these people are used to dealing with annoying tourists who just don't like certain things. Let them know that it is a life-threatening situation. Stay away from Embers and Zydeco BBQ. Both have told me they use peanut and or peanut oil. YOu will probably have good luck at italian places. There is a wonderful place called Irene's Cuisine. Delicious. I'm not sure if they are safe for all of your allergies, but they are for PA.

On Mar 10, 2005

One more thing...If it's in your budget go to any one of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants. You can make a reservation far in advance and tell them of your PA. When you get there however many months later, they will say "oh, so I see you have a food allergy". They're amazing.

On Apr 10, 2005

I am peanut/ tree nut allergic and just returned from New Orleans. I ate at the following restaurants which the managers assured me were peanut & peanut oil free: Bravo Cucina Italiana: 1711 St. Charles Ave 504.525.5515 Emerils: On Julia Street (I asked for very plain, steamed food and it came very seasoned so I probably wouldn't recommend the restaurant) Carmello's Ristorante: 541 Decatur 504.586.1414 Banditios Mexican Restaurant in the Ambassador Hotel 535 Tchoupitoulas Street (they were so nice and brought me out their recipe book so I could see exactly what was in every meal- good margaritas too!)

On May 4, 2005

We had a great visit, no reactions. Bravo was great and they have restaurants in a few other cities (that I'm less likely to visit). We also ate at K Paul's after talking to the kitchen in advance. That was a little more nerve wracking because so much of their menu does have things I'm allergic to. Thanks for your suggestions!