New nut-free chocolate bars - Nestle Canada


I saw two new nut-free chocolate bars today when I was at Costco. They are made by Nestle Canada in their nut-free plant here in Toronto:

1) Coffee Crisp French Vanilla


2) Coffee Crisp Triple Mocha

I tried the Coffee Crisp French Vanilla and I liked it. It is great that we have some more nut-free bars to enjoy.

(the other versions of Coffee Crisp are regular, orange, triple chocolate, and raspberry).

On Jan 27, 2003

Triple Mocha Coffee Crisp? My word, that's obscene! I'm swooning.

Along those lines, DH found a White Chocolate Kit Kat from England at a local deli. Since Kevin shoveled our walk this morning, I think he deserves that treat later!


On Jan 28, 2003

erik, excellent! [img][/img] I can hardly wait to find the French Vanilla one. Yum.

A 9 year old is grocery shopping on a Saturday with her Mother 34 years ago (nearly 35 years ago). She has to continue to grocery shop with her Mother until the age of 14. She remembers this because an older boy at school, Brian Hurd worked at Dominion and saw her there with her Mom every Saturday and she was mortified.

At any rate, the 9 year old, at the check-out counter, decides that she's going to steal a chocolate bar. Her Mother catches her as they're leaving the store and marches the daughter right back up to the cashier and makes the daughter tell the story of how she stole the chocolate bar and apologize. Thus, the life of a young thief was halted (the child, who then became a woman, never stole again. Interestingly enough, her younger sister would go into Eaton's and Simpson's and steal all of the cosmetic samples [img][/img] )

Why the story?

The 9 year old girl stole a Coffee Crisp bar. Her favourite bar back then. Her favourite bar now. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 28, 2003

Going Nuts, you could always call on some Canadian friends [img][/img] to at least send you one sample bar so you can swoon and eat at the same time! [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 28, 2003

Hi all: More exciting news for PA Canadian chocolate lovers -- I was at the drugstore this week and noticed that Nestle is selling Smarties and some of the other safe bars in cardboard heart packages for Valentines day. As at Hallowe'en, the packages are clearly marked with the "Safe to Share" logo. Sarah

On Jan 28, 2003

erik, off topic. Do you drink Coke or Pepsi? If you drink Coke, have you tried the Vanilla Coke? I have to say that I was going literally INSANE (more than usual [img][/img] ) last summer when it came out because I love anything that says vanilla (I would have vanilla scented everything in my house if I could). At any rate, I finally tried it and I was SO disappointed.

I'm really hoping this doesn't happen with the French Vanilla Coffee Crisp. Now, I'm just going to have to find a place in Belleville that sells them. I still haven't found the Hershey's Krunch bar that you had mentioned for Jesse yet.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 29, 2003

Sarah, Thanks for the info on the Smarties. They are Dylan's favorites and he will be thrilled to get to share them on Valentines Day at school. We live in NJ but my in-laws live on the Canadian border and keeps us knee deep in candy! [img][/img]


On Jan 29, 2003

Karen I guess I didn't describe the Nestle valentine stuff too well. They are the large heart-shaped boxes that traditionally hold mixed chocolates. I don't know if they contain small packs of Smarties inside that could be shared with friends. Just looked through a flyer and see that there is a 12-pack bag of Valentine Smarties available called the "Friendship Pack." The little boxes are the same size as the Halloween ones and the smarties are all red and pink. There also appear to be spaces for writing "to" and "from" on each box. Sarah

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On Jan 29, 2003

Hi Cindy,

That's an interesting story - how your life of crime was halted at the age of 9.. [img][/img] So you have been enjoying Coffee Crisp bars for a long time now.

Regarding Coke and Pepsi, I rarely drink pop (for any Americans who are reading this, substitute "soda" for "pop"). I occasionally have a glass of Pepsi/Coke when I eat pizza, but usually I prefer juice. Tropicana, Ocean Spray, etc... I am addicted to juice. I did try Vanilla Coke and it was okay.. but nothing amazing.

I think you'll like the French Vanilla Coffee Crisp. I like it very much.

If you have trouble finding it, why don't you go to the same store wheer you buy the Coffee Crisp raspberry. I am sure they would be happy to order a box of French Vanilla Coffee Crisp too.

Maybe they'll even order a box of Hershey Krackel (the nut-free version of Nestle Crunch).

I think you'll have better luck finding these bars in Belleville than you would have had if you had still been stuck in Stayner! [img][/img]

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On Jan 29, 2003

Thanks Hannah.

I'll ask my mother in law to look for both.


On Jan 29, 2003

Hi Karen,

I've seen them both at Shopper's Drug Mart [img][/img]

On Jan 30, 2003

erik, I was SO upset this morning. I went into Mac's Milk to buy something else (never mind everyone [img][/img] ) and there was the Triple Mocha Coffee Crisp bar. I searched high and low and no French Vanilla. I had a semi-sick, very cold, little guy with me who still had a bit of a journey to go on with me so I didn't ask them if they could get the French Vanilla in. Good idea though, I will ask as I seem to be in there often enough.

I went into Dewe's Independent Grocer (a Loblaw's off-shoot) and saw both the Smarties Valentine Heart boxes and the ones that I have already purchased, the mini treat size boxes as Valentines. Their prices weren't that great as compared to Giant Tiger, but not bad either.

erik, I don't drink pop often either. Well, I do. Club Soda. Right now, it's Ginger Ale week in the house with all of the ill feeling we have going on, but normally Club Soda. I'm glad to hear that I probably won't be disappointed by the French Vanilla (this from a woman who ate 13 treat size boxes of the Valentine Smarties yesterday, or did I share them with my two children who were sitting there [img][/img] )

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 30, 2003

They just opened a Stop 'N Shop in my area, and they have an Irish Import section. You guessed it - lots of safe Nestle's. I saw a mint Aero bar - can't wait to try that!


On Jan 31, 2003

Hi Cindy,

Wow.. you ate 13 treat size boxes? Well, that's not that much especially with your kids sharing. I assume you ate the red ones last?

On Mar 8, 2003

Just received my sample pack of fundraising choc. from Nestle. For more info go to this sight. [url=""][/url] If I want no-nut choc. being sold at my son's gymnastics club I figured I would do the planning! Nestle's it is!

------------------ Karalot

On Mar 9, 2003

Karen, thank you for raising this, I somehow missed it before.

Personally, I don't really like the orange or raspberry coffe crisp, but these two new flavours sound delicious.

On Mar 11, 2003

CAn you give me the link to the Nestle Canada website. My hard drive recently crashed and I lost all my favorite websites! Thanks!


On Mar 11, 2003

Hi Denise,

The link is [url=""][/url]

Nestle Canada is updating and enhancing the web site this month, so we should notice this soon [img][/img]

On Mar 12, 2003


chomp chomp chomp

Sorry, had to rush here. The mocha is delicious. (OK not exactly a healthy breakfast, but...still delicious) This the french vanilla will be for lunch (if I can wait).

On Mar 12, 2003

Is there another website I was thinking of? Panhandle Premium or something like that ????

On Mar 12, 2003

It is [url=""][/url]

This site allows you to order Nestle Canada Aero, Kit Kat, Smarties and Coffe Crisp bars manufactured in a nut-free & peanut-free facility.

On Mar 13, 2003

Hi Anna Marie,

I saw two more additional safe dark chocolate products at the Prarma Plus drug store at the Manulife Centre (Bloor & Bay) while I was at lunch (in addition to Aero dark and Caramilk dark).

They are:

dark chocolate Hershey's kisses (only available for a limited time) and

datk chocolate Cadbury Easter Creme Egg


On May 25, 2003

Well, after 1 1/2 yrs on this site, I have broken down and finally put in an order for Aero, Kit Kat, Smarties, & Coffee Crisp from

I wish somewhere on the order I could have told them "Eric sent me". [img][/img]

And just for the zillioneth time...these are all peanut free, right?!

On May 25, 2003


Originally posted by Love my C: [b]Well, after 1 1/2 yrs on this site, I have broken down and finally put in an order for Aero, Kit Kat, Smarties, & Coffee Crisp from

I wish somewhere on the order I could have told them "Eric sent me". [img][/img]

And just for the zillioneth time...these are all peanut free, right?![/b]

Hi Love my C,

Yes, Nestle Canada guarantees they are peanut-free.

You cna reach them at 1-800-387-4636 for more details or check their web site at [url=""][/url]

Enjoy! They are good chocolate bars [img][/img]

On May 27, 2003

Got a surprise stash from Canada last week. I wish I could say the Pa child, our dd, was enjoying them! However, preggo momma is now on a more strict peanut free diet, so I guess I am entitled now, right?? Coffee Crisp seems to perk me up in the afternoon.

becca [img][/img]

On May 28, 2003

Hi Becca,

I am glad you received a stash of peanut-free chocolates. Yes, Coffee Crisp is GREAT! An amazing chocolate bar. The new "Triple Mocha" flavour may perk you up even more [img][/img]

On May 28, 2003

*perk* LOL! Pun was not intended, but made me chuckle reading it back in our posts. I have been told I may be getting a package with flavor samplings. I have no say in these things, you know, Erik. Chocolate just arrives on my doorstep. Isn't that a dream come true? SAFE chocolate. [img][/img] Becca

On Jul 13, 2003

Okay, you all keep saying Peanut-free facility, but it's also a completely nut free facility, right? I could die if I eat cashews.

Yes, I'm paranoid. Please help. I miss my chocolate, especially Kit-Kats!

My son, 6 yr. old PA, would love the Smarties.

------------------ Kaye

On Jul 13, 2003

Kaye, I noticed in your profile you are in the USA. Many of these candies are made at different places for sale in the USA.

Our resident Candy Man is away of vacation this week. I [i]think[/i] nestle peanut free is also nut free, but I checked their web-site and couldn't find that information listed - though they do list peanut free candy.

On Jul 21, 2003

Yes, the Nestle factory that makes these bars is nut-free. However, the label only give a "peanut-free guarantee".

I believe this is because there is some debate over what is a "nut". For example, here is an FAQ question from Nestle's web site:


[i]Q. Is the palm oil contained in your peanut-free line of Coffee Crisp bars produced from the crushed nuts of an African palm?

A. Botanically, according to our suppliers, the source of the oil is the palm fruit; it is not a nut. It is very similar to a date. Palm oil is extracted from the outer soft, fleshy portion of the fruit, and palm kernel oil is oil extracted from the inner seed portion of the fruit.

Palm oil is not on any list of major allergens and is not a nut.[/i]

So I think they just state "peanut-free" as some people may debate if a palm kernel is a nut )even though it is actually a fruit.

The web page does call the facilities "nut-free/peanut-free" as the following question displays so I would think it is fine. I know they do not use any tree nuts at the peanut-free facilities. If you need more info, you could call Nestle Canada at 1-800-387-4636.

[i]Q. The new Rolo label no longer carries an allergy alert. Can you tell me why?

A. The factory that makes Rolo has been converted to [b]peanut/nut-free status[/b], and the new label will not contain an allergy alert. However, Nestl

On Dec 2, 2003

I have heard through the [b]grape[/b]vine (lots of grape talk around here lately) that Nestle Canada is about to launch some new chocolate bars. At this time, I am not certain if they are nut-free/peanut-free.

The new bars are:

Caramel Kit Kat Chunky, Caramel Aero, Kit Kat Dark chocolate, Smarties chocolate bar

Coming soon to a candy shop near you! I'll let you know when I see them available. [img][/img]


Caramel Aero and Kit KAt dark are SAFE

Kit KAt Chunky Caramel and Smarties chocolate bar are [b]NOT SAFE[/b] and have a nut/peanut warning and graphic on them.

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On May 5, 2004

Now available.. the new, peanut-free, nut-free Coffee Crisp Caramel! [img][/img]


On May 5, 2004

I've managed to go about 6 hours without eating chocolate. And I actually have a stash here right now.

Then I come here and what happens? Willy Wonka is flashing pictures of the stuff.

Rest assured - there is currently one less in my stash. [img][/img]

and btw Erik. Thanks. [img][/img]

On Jun 21, 2004

Available for a limited time only:

KitKat Vanilla KitKat Strawberry


I thought I saw them posted on the board before, but searched and couldn't find it, so I thought I'd post.

No warning on them.

I did buy, but I haven't tried them yet.

[i]Gotta ask Erik - did I actually beat you to posting this, or am I just not finding it?[/i]

On Jun 21, 2004


Originally posted by AnnaMarie: [b]Available for a limited time only:

KitKat Vanilla KitKat Strawberry

********** [i]Gotta ask Erik - did I actually beat you to posting this, or am I just not finding it?[/i][/b]

[b]WOW!!![/b] Anna Marie.. you did beat me in posting this! Yes.. you win the crown! hehe

Strawberry and vanilla Kit Kat? Never heard of them.. never seen them.. I'll have to keep my eyes open for them on the way home from work tonight.

Thanks for the update [img][/img] I'll be sure to try them.

On Jun 21, 2004

I found them at 7-11.

The strawberry is good.

But I'm [img][/img] Doesn't Nestle actually print *peanut free* on their wrappers? There is no warning or allergy alert - but it doesn't actually say *peanut free*. (Thought of this [i]after[/i] eating it. [img][/img]

On Jun 21, 2004

Hi Anna Marie,

Thanks.. I'll check 7-11 [img][/img]

Nestle only writes "peanut-free" on the snack size bars (mini size). The regular size bars do not say peanut-free.

However, they always add a warning label if it is not manufactured in a peanut-free/nut-free facility.

As an example, the Kit Kat Chunky Caramel has a 'may contain peanuts' warning on the label since it is manufactured in an unsafe factory somewhere outside of Canada. [img][/img]

On Jun 22, 2004

Thanks Erik. And the vanilla is even better.

I think I'm going to send a letter or e-mail to Nestle Canada. There was a sign saying these new bars are available for a limited time only. I definitely think they should be added to the permanent line.

On Sep 3, 2004

I saw 3 new safe Nestle Canada bars at the 7-11 today:




So 3 more safe choices to try!!! Enjoy [img][/img]

p.s. Anna Marie- I found them before you this time!!! [img][/img]

On Sep 3, 2004

Hi Erik. I was ready to put out an APB on you. [img][/img]

vanilla smarties?????

are they white chocolate?

And did they say *limited time only*? Or are they here to stay?


[i]who can take a sunrise.......sprinkle it with dew.....[/i]

Have a good weekend.

On Sep 3, 2004

new Vanilla Smarties, Coffee Crisp Latte, and Aero white: **************************************

Hi Anna Marie,

I didn't buy any of them! haha hmmm.. maybe next time.. I think they were white smarties with white vanilla chocolate inside? I'll check next time and let you know. [img][/img]

I assume they are 'for a limited time only' products but not sure.

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On Sep 4, 2004

There are no 7-11's near me, and I don't drive. Another store that often carries the *limited time only* candies is out of walking distance.

My 6 year old loves chocolate but it causes him some problems. Not to serious, but painful. White chocolate doesn't cause it - and he loves those white chocolate bars with the cookie crumbs (can't remember the name [img][/img] ). Anyway - so white smarties would be great.

dh is home for the weekend - so maybe I can get him to take me on a candy run. [img][/img]

On Sep 4, 2004

Hello Canadians!

Are the new Orange Smarties, Kit Kat Vanilla and Kit Kat Strawberry I see on the Canadian Sweets web site peanut free? They are not listed under the Canadian Sweets Allergy Free section but I am not sure if that is an oversight since these products are all pretty new.

I will also be asking Canadian Sweets and Panhandle about getting the Vanilla stuff mentioned above.

Thanks in advance for the Candy Guru advice!

On Sep 4, 2004

The Smarties chocolate bars at my 7-11 have a peanut warning on them!!

I will have to check about the flavoured KitKats and such. My son wanted to try a Smarties Bar as he loves Smarties. It had a peanut warning on the package! So no go.

On Sep 4, 2004


Originally posted by smartalyk: [b]The Smarties chocolate bars at my 7-11 have a peanut warning on them!![/b]

Yes.. the smarties embedded in this bar are safe, but the chocolate itself is manufactured in a facility that also processes peanut products, so that is why these bars are unsafe as indicated by the allergy warning.

The allergy warning is quite good, as you can see in the example below, as there is a graphic with the image of a peanut right on the packaging.


On Sep 4, 2004


Originally posted by Chicago: [b]Hello Canadians!

Are the new Orange Smarties, Kit Kat Vanilla and Kit Kat Strawberry I see on the Canadian Sweets web site peanut free? They are not listed under the Canadian Sweets Allergy Free section but I am not sure if that is an oversight since these products are all pretty new. [/b]

Hi Chicago,

Yes, the following Nestle Canada products are all safe and do not have any allergy warnings on the packaging:

Orange Smarties Kit Kat Vanilla Kit Kat Strawberry Vanilla Smarties Coffee Crisp Latte Aero White

I agree with you.. the products are so new, they have not been listing in the "allergy" section of [url=""][/url]

[img][/img] [img][/img]


One important note: [b]do not order Kit Kat Chunky Caramel[/b]

The Kit Kat Chunky Caramel is imported into Canada from overseas, and has a 'may contain nuts/peanuts' warning on the label.

All other Canadian Kit Kats and Kit Kat Chunky bars are safe.

(however, it is always best to read labels [b]everytime[/b] as manufacturing conditions can change over time)

On Sep 4, 2004


Originally posted by AnnaMarie: [b]My 6 year old loves chocolate but it causes him some problems. Not to serious, but painful. White chocolate doesn't cause it - and he loves those white chocolate bars with the cookie crumbs[/b]

hmm.. is it Hershey's cookies & creme? maybe.. I didn't eat it for year though so can't remember

As for Aero white, I have bad news... it is a white chocolate Aero, but it is coated in milk chocolate. Maybe the vanilla smarties would be more suitable?

good luck finding the new bars [img][/img]

On Sep 6, 2004

Thank you erik. I knew you would know the answer.

My dd would love the latte coffee crisps, different Kit Kats and all. I will contact [url=""][/url] and see what they can do....

Her candy "possiblites" are even more limited now due to braces (no gummy things, carmel, taffy, Skittles etc...) so new chocolate treats are really great for us now!

On Sep 14, 2004


Good to know you are so up-to-date on the important things in life... ie chocolate [img][/img] Now if only *I* wasn't allergic to chocolate...

I love the pics, btw.

On Jan 8, 2005

Has anyone tried the Coffee Crisp Latte? I just saw it for the first time the other day in the variety store (I avoid looking at chocolate bars unless I want to read a label) and it just sounded heavenly. At any rate, as posted in this thread, it is PA safe.

I got one (I have really toned down my chocolate eating, no particular reason) and oh, my soul, it was heavenly.

White chocolate covering and the coffee crisp inside was lighter than a regular Coffee Crisp, but just so heavenly.

I guess very much like a Latte coffee.

I highly recommend it! [img][/img]

Now, of course to keep avoiding it when I go into the store. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Jan 9, 2005


Originally posted by Alternative to Mainstream: [b]Has anyone tried the Coffee Crisp Latte? [/b]

Yes, I tried it... and it is delicious [img][/img]


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On Jan 9, 2005

May have to try the new Coffee Crisp.

Has anyone tried the Strawberry Kit Kat? Saw it the other day, not sure if I or y kids would like it.

On Jan 10, 2005

I did. It smells really strong of strawberry.

Tastes OK - but not my favourite bar.

On Jan 10, 2005

I wasn't a huge fan, but my son loved it.

On Jan 10, 2005

I did restrain myself from buying another Coffee Crisp Latte yesterday in the same variety store.

Oh, wait, the post office is in the same store (postal outlet) and I have to go there soon..... Hmmmm..... [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Jan 24, 2005

Was the Coffee Crisp Latte only a special edition, limited time?

Have been coveting one since scarfing down two (not on the same day) and each time I go into the variety store where I did buy them, they are not there anymore. They would appear to have every conceivable chocolate bar.

Perhaps just as well. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Jan 24, 2005


Originally posted by Alternative to Mainstream: [b]Was the Coffee Crisp Latte only a special edition, limited time?[/b]

Hi Cindy,

I still see them in many places.. next time I see one I'll make a note of it and post the info [img][/img]

On Jan 25, 2005

erik, thank-you. [img][/img] I can't see myself traveling a long distance for a chocolate bar, but I never know where I'm going to end up. I did do a quick glance at the check-out at Sobey's to-day and couldn't see them.

I usually end up going to Runnymede and Bloor and there aren't that many variety stores in that area - too many pastry shops to worry about eating chocolate bars (oh, and that great Falafel place I forgot was there, or is still there, one or the other).

Well, good you're still seeing them. I'll have to keep my eyes open when I'm out of the neighbourhood because they truly are yummy. [img][/img]

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]

On Jan 25, 2005


Originally posted by Alternative to Mainstream: [b]I usually end up going to Runnymede and Bloor and there aren't that many variety stores in that area [img][/img][/b]

There is a Beckers on the north side of Bloor just west of Runnymede? Maybe they have it? I just saw one recently.. trying to remember where I was.. I will post once I remember [img][/img]

On Apr 29, 2005

I saw a new bar tonight... [b] Nestle Coffee Crisp Maple[/b].

I didn't have a chance to check if it is safe (although I thionk it probably is). I'll post more details next time I see it.

Wow. I noticed this before Anna Marie did!! [img][/img]

On Apr 29, 2005

erik, there is a Mac's Milk on Bloor west of Runnymede - I passed by it to-day. I'm okay finding the Coffee Crisp Latte's now. The variety store is carrying them and interestingly enough, the very small pharmacy in the plaza in the area where I live carries only the Latte flavour.

My soul, maple flavour. Doesn't it simply sound heavenly? I'll have to grab one.

I did receive a $1.00 coupon from Nestle for that phone call I made re sheanut oil (I can't send it to Becky A. who I was checking for because it's only good in Canada [img][/img] ). Can you believe it? A coupon for $1.00. Well, better than nothing and might help me scoop up that maple flavour over the week-end. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Apr 30, 2005

My local Stop N Shop had Coffee Crisps yesterday - I'm in heaven. I get Aeros there regularly, but have never seen Coffee Crisp before.

Can you believe how easy I am to please? [img][/img]


On May 1, 2005

Going Nuts, you and I seem like we're pretty easy to please - I'm not sure if that's a *good* thing or not! LOL!

Well, erik, to-day, at Sobey's, not only did I see the Coffee Crisp Maple, BUT Maple Smarties. The Maple Smarties were PA safe and only red and white ones. The white ones had a Canadian flag on them. They're called "Smarties, Eh?"

I tried a couple but to tell you the truth, I couldn't taste the maple. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On May 1, 2005

wow.. thanks Cindy! I'll have to try out the maple Smarties too (in addition to the maple Coffee Crisp)..

I love maple! [img][/img]

glad there are 2 more safe choices for those of us with PA thanks to Nestle Canada [img][/img]

On May 1, 2005

erik, I didn't check the label on the Maple Coffee Crisp because I wasn't buying it - both kids wanted Smarties.

Now I'm not sure if the Smarties were maple flavoured or not. Neither child brought an empty box home. They're called Smarties, Eh? or perhaps even Canadian, Eh? and they are red and white Smarties, as I posted above, with a red Canadian flag on the white Smarties.

So, they might simply be Canadian coloured Smarties and nothing to do with maple. I swear, I don't know that I tasted maple in the two that I tried. They were also marked either special or limited edition.

It was just queer because they were both right in my face at the check-out at Sobey's. I thought, okay, if the kids are going to try one or the other (there may even have been a Maple KitKat - but again did not check for PA safety), I better grab them here because they are not at my local grocery store.

You have to remember, when I go shopping, I get terribly dazed and confused even by a market like Sobey's on a busy Sunday, I'm ready to flee, panic attack hits, - you wouldn't think I was born and bred here at all and lived here 'til I was 39. Although I probably got that way when I was in an overwhelming place people wise even in the country places I've managed to live in of late.

So, you'll probably be able to give better, more accurate information, but there are some Smarties "out there" that are new.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On May 9, 2005

New nut-free bars.

[b]Nestle Coffee Crisp Maple

Cadbury CAramilk Maple[/b]


On May 9, 2005

erik, they were called Smartie's Eh?, but I'm not sure if maple was involved or not.

Have you tried either of the Maple chocolate bars you provided the pics for?

The Caramilk looks yummy for some reason. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On May 9, 2005

Hi Cindy..

I tried them both and they are both yummy!! [img][/img] I also saw the Eh Smarties but I think they are just red and white Smarties (no maple). I foudn these bars at 7-11 [img][/img]

On May 10, 2005

Maple eh? [img][/img]

Are these temporary or permanent?

On May 10, 2005

mmmmm Can't wait to try MAPLE. I love Maple. Better phone Nestle to find out if they are here for a long time.

On May 10, 2005

I think these are "limited edition" which means they are only here for 6 months to a year?

But I think it depends on how well they sell.. if they sell really well, I am sure they'll make them permanent.

On May 10, 2005

erik, is the secret caramel filling (or is it a secret how the filling gets in there [img][/img] ) maple flavoured in the Caramilk bar? If so, then that sounds to die for.

I thought the Smartie's Eh? were cute. As I said when I first tried them, I was begrudglingly (only kidding [img][/img] ) given two and I wasn't sure if I could taste maple or not.

I don't know if I'll try the Maple Coffee Crisp, not with that wonderful Latte flavour. I actually don't consume a lot of chocolate.

But that Caramilk bar, well.....

I'll have to see if I can find it at the local variety store. As I've posted somewhere here, my local Mom & Pop (actually solely a Pop) pharmacy, stocks the Latte flavoured Coffee Crisp ONLY. Wonderful stuff!

There are two other variety stores and the one with the highest turn-over is always so busy at the counter where the chocolate bars are that it's hard to find a space of time where you can stand and label read.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Jul 13, 2005

Two new Nestle nut-free bars I saw at 7-11:

[b]Kit Kat banana Kit Kat orange[/b]


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On Jul 13, 2005

banana and chocolate ????

I think I'm going to pass on that one. but I'll be trying the orange.

On Jul 13, 2005


Originally posted by AnnaMarie: [b]banana and chocolate ????

I think I'm going to pass on that one. but I'll be trying the orange.[/b]

I had the same thought....

although Nancy loves to dip banana pieces into melted chocolate, so maybe it tastes ok? [img][/img]

On Jul 14, 2005

I can see my husband eating it. He was a true pb and banana sandwich lover. (He is quite satisfied with peabutter and banana -- says it tastes the same.)

But, he probably will try this chocolate bar.