New need help nuts and seeds????


I am new here and need help. My daughter is allergic to peanuts. Does that mean seeds too? I am so confused. My doctor hasn't been very helpfull. I don't even know when to use the epipen jr. I am just warning everyone who is in contact with my little girl. Sometimes I feel like my sibblings wifes are rolling there eyes at me. Last weekend I felt like I got the 3rd degree because my sister inlaw cracked 3 lbs of pistachoes for a party and then couldn't bring them out. My husband was the one who saw them and said something to me. No one seems to realize how fatal this allergy is. please help

On Oct 31, 2001

dear kendals mom,

family and friends can be difficult, it has taken years for my extended family to "get it". just keep on telling them ...over and over and over. sigh...been there got the t-shirt! on the subject of avoiding foods , it depends so much on how old your child is, what other allergies they have. try to get more advice from your allergist. over here(in the uk) we have the british allergy foundation and the anaphylaxis campaign to advise us. please find your counterparts in your country and you will find them very, very helpful. a good book on allergys would be the complete guide to food allergy and intolerance, by prof jonathan brostoff and linda gamlin.

on another note we have a son with allergys to pnuts, tree pollon, eggs, kiwi fruit , dogs ,cats dustmite. bye sarah

On Oct 31, 2001

hi I am new to this web site. My ds has a peanut allergy. he had a rast test done befroe entering school this year to find out the severity. it came up a 2. Can anyone tell me more? By the way. this past summer we went to a bbq at my mils and she had a bowl of peanuts out on her patio table. HELLO. I cant trust anyone.

On Nov 1, 2001

Regarding the seeds, my allergist said to avoid them as well as other nuts until age 5 because his immune system is still developing. This should help lower his risk of developing other allergies. Has your child been tested for seeds & other nuts? We only tested for peanuts & environmental things at the first test, but we went back to be tested for seeds & tree nuts this week. Luckily he was not allergic to anything other than peanuts (that's bad enough though). We'll have to wait until next week to find out about the sunflower because they had to do a rast & send it off. Even though we know for sure he's not allergic to sesame seeds & tree nuts, we're still supposed to avoid them until age 5. Supposedly their risk of developing an allergy goes down then. Hope this helps.