New- Need advice for Allergist


My 15 month DD had her first taste of peanut butter this weekend. I was across the street at a neighbor's house and my DH called frantically telling me to come home. When I got there her eyes were almost completely swollen shut and she looked like she had been in a boxing match. We grabbed our 3 year old and went to the urgent care around the corner. The urgent care doctor treated her initially and then sent us to our local children's hospital via ambulance. She is doing fine now and luckily we are able to get in this afternoon to see the pediatric allergist our pediatrician recommended.

Since I am new to this are there questions I need to ask, subjects I need to make sure he goes over with me, etc? Any recommendations?

Many Thanks, Megan

On Jun 25, 2008

OK ask for an EPI pen. Ask about when to use it. Ask for an action plan. I think those are critical. You might want to ask them to do a RAST test for tree nut allergies - there seems to be about a 50 percent chance of having a tree nut allergy if you have a peanut allergy. You might also ask about the possibility of asthma - there seems to be a relationship between food allergies and asthma for many people. There are a ton of other possible questions - like cross contamination or buying food that is made on the same equipment as some thing made with peanuts. You can keep reading here for some of that. Warning over reading can be overwhelming. Sorry to hear about your child's allergies. I have a 4 year old with PA, TNA, MA, EA, rice allergies, and a keflex allergies. It is a big adjustment. Cindy

By Evie Owens on Nov 12, 2012

Good to hear that he’s fine now. I was just amaze by your thoughts as you descried your child was like being in a boxing match. Anyway, there are natural remedies for that and to make sure, don’t let your child eat peanuts.