New M&M candy bar


I saw this on the Today show....And while we are talking chocolate

On May 13, 2004

I saw the new candy bar this morning also. Just another candy bar we have to avoid...and worry about other little, dirty, grimy hands!!!

On May 14, 2004


Originally posted by momma2boys: Might as well make those M&M's completely unsafe! As long as they are may contain, they might as well roll them in p.b. [/B]

I consider anything by Mars unsafe, regardless of "may contain". We stay clear of this. We do keep some Hersheys products at home (currently the caramel kisses) for when our son (who am I kidding, its mostly the hubby and me) want a treat.

On May 20, 2004

We also don't trust M&M/Mars either. I'll stick with Hershey's, specifically those delicious little caramel kisses [img][/img]