New Member....thrilled I found this site!

Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2002 - 9:49am
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Joined: 12/09/2002 - 09:00

Hello everyone!

My name is Nicole. I do not have a peanut alergy (nor do my children) however, a couple of my daughter & son's classmates at school do.

I wanted to bake some cookies for Christmas so I was searching the internet for some peanut free ideas and I found this site.

How wonderful!!

There are so many great ideas for snacks & lunches and plus so much information. I admit that I do not know much about the allergy and I plan on reading up!!!

I am also going to pass the link along to the Healthy Food Committee at the school.

Oh well....that's my blurb. :-)

Have a wonderful day.


Posted on: Mon, 12/09/2002 - 1:07pm
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Joined: 10/12/2001 - 09:00

Hi Nicole
As the parent of a child with a peanut allergy, I appreciate the effort you've made to find a safe recipe for sharing at school. My daughter is only in preschool now, but I hope there are more parents like you when she starts "real" school next year.

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 1:36am
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Joined: 07/15/1999 - 09:00

Hi nicmul, I noticed that you didn't get much of a welcome as everybody was busy with the holidays so I'm pulling you up to say just that----Welcome nicmul!

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 2:41am
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Joined: 12/29/2002 - 09:00

Hi Nicole,
Thank you so much for looking out for the safety of other children. We too are thrilled you found this site!

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 12:24pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

nicmul, welcome! [img][/img]
How wonderful of you to find this website without having PA children but to help ensure the safety of your child's friends! [img][/img] You are a treasure to us PA parents.
I hope that you'll find the information that you need. I think you'll also find caring, concern, encouragement and support.
What I wanted to say, since you don't have a PA child (aside from that it's absolutely amazing that you should choose to join us and become informed - I'm not saying all non-PA parents are ignorant, but this is wonderful), there is no question that is too stupid to be posted here and we are also willing to listen, as PA parents, to any frustrations or experiences that you may have as a non-PA parent that you find difficult to deal with.
There is an old thread running under Living with PA about Positive Experiences with Non-PA Parents (or something like that) and truly, I could go right there right now and just post about your joining our group.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 10:39pm
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Joined: 07/14/2000 - 09:00

Yes, welcome! Thank you so much for caring. I hope that you find the same compassion from others in your life for any struggles you and your family may be dealing with. Bless you. [img][/img] Miriam

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 1:21am
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Joined: 02/22/1999 - 09:00

Welcome, Nicole! Thank you so much for taking the time to explore this site. It means so much!

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 11:18pm
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Joined: 02/12/2003 - 09:00

Hi, it is so nice to see that you care to take the initiative(?) to find this site I hope that there are other parents out there like you when Matthew starts school.

Posted on: Wed, 02/12/2003 - 11:33pm
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Joined: 10/05/2002 - 09:00

Hi nicul
Welcome and thank you for careing
I only wish Half of the parents that don't have a PA child would understand as you do.
Welcome and again THANK YOU!
Love this site

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