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Hi. I have identical twin sons (almost 3y/o), Aidan & Christian. We found out Christian was allergic the hard way. We didn't expose them to nuts/peanuts til they were almost 2. And the exposure was in the forms of peanut m&ms, nutella. That's about it. No reactions. We thought we were in the clear. Then on Valentine's Day of this year his aunt gave him a chocolate w/creamy peanut butter in it and w/in 10 minutes we started seeing a reaction....but we didn't really think anything of it. It started w/him itching his eyes and then his eye started getting swollen. We just assumed he rubbed it too hard. After about 15 that's when we were like, "Uhhh, what's going on?" Both eyes were swollen now and we started noticing he was wheezing. We happened to be visiting my parents in NY and my husband was on his way home from the city so, I basically started panicking in a calm way. My brother ended up driving me to the hospital which is like 20 minutes away. By the time we got there his face looked like he just finished a 3 round boxing fight. He had thrown up and was really wheezing bad. They didn't even make us register in the ER they just took him in the back and surprisingly only gave him benadryl. When my husband got to the ER he was shocked. He thought I was exaggerating. We left the ER after about 2 hours and he just needed Benadryl for another 2 days. I never even heard of Epi-Pens at this point or anything. We made an appointment w/the allergist and after a 3 months long wait....we had him officially tested. They said he's severely allergic to peanuts. They did the scratch test on him and saw that he was reacting immediately (they normally wait 15 min to see the reaction) They wiped off the peanut product right away and he still had a major reaction. Poor thing. We now carry epi-pens. We still don't know if he's allergic to other nuts but we are acting as if he is. Allergist wants us to stay away from all nuts until at least age 5. Surprising his identical twin brother is not allergic to anything. It's strange since they have the exact DNA. There should be a study on this. Anyways, that's our story. I was careful after that to read labels but after visiting this sight I'm so much more aware and vigilint w/what I do and should be doing. I ordered his medical ID bracelet yesterday. My husband thinks I'm going overboard but my mentality is 'you can never be too safe'. Yesterday I called his preschool in a panic (after being on this sight til 2:00am the other night) but our teacher assured me not to worry. She provides all the snacks and they are all peanut/nut free. And that Christian isn't the only one in the class allergic so they are really aware and are being extra cautious. They are sending out letters to all parents to make sure there are no snacks brought from the outside w/any peanut/nut products. So, that's our story. Sorry so long.

------------------ Giovanna Mom to identical twins and TTTS Survivors born 26w6d

On Aug 10, 2006


hi! we have a lot in common. besides PA, i have had two sets of twins. (unfortunately, i have only one surviving child from those two pregnancies and two other children from singleton pregnancies but i still proudly consider myself a mother of twins). my first set of twins were born at 23.5 weeks 11 years ago. (from the second set, i lost one early on in the pregnancy...around 13 weeks). i noticed your twins were also preemies. i'm so happy for you that yours survived. you are a lucky momma! i adore twins and i love hearing stories about how medical advances have helped the littlest and tiniest make it. i'm glad you're here! i'm so glad your twins are here! [img][/img]


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On Aug 15, 2006

giovanna, Welcome! I am new here, too, and I have been reading a lot! My son was 18 months when he had his first (and so far only) reaction. It was similar to your son's, but I was lucky enough to have a BIL who is a medical professional at my house, and an open bottle of benadryl.

I saw that your twins were TTTS. My godson and his brother are the two survivors of a TTTS triplet pregnancy. My girlfriend had to fly from our home in New England to Florida for the surgery to keep her two remaining babies alive (they lost the third a few weeks after the surgery). The advances in that area are amazing...anyway...I digress! Look forward to seeing you on the boards!