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Hi, I am a new member as of two months ago ever since my 2yo was diagnosed with a severe PA. I contacted, joined FAAN and have been doing research ever since. I'm not certain how to really react, I don't want to be paranoid about everywhere I go, but I am now acutely aware of everything food related that my PA comes in contact with.

I was home alone with my 2 yo and my then 6 mo when I decided to try giving my PA some PB. She loved the taste and so I made up a sandwich. Before I could even get her to sit at the table (less than 5min) she began to get hives, red blotchy skin and excessive drool. I immediately called my PED who advised me to call 911. We did go to ER for an eval, was given Benedryl and now have an EpiPen for her (I carry one in my purse, in her diaper bag, the daycare has one and one is in the kitchen cupboard).

We've seen the allergist to confirm the severity of the allergy and test for others. So far, this is it.

Recalling her infancy, while I nursed her she suffered excema and her ped at the time never linked it back to anything I might be eating (no matter how infrequently - I ate peanuts on occassion but I am not a PB eater).

I've elimintated all PB products from our house. I allow her to eat products she's eaten before, but I call the mnftr about any new ones.

Is there a resource that lists all known products with PB in them? I hate and dread the idea of having to do all this from scratch, although I'm prepared to in order to protect her.

Any other advice would be appreciated.


On Nov 9, 2002

Just wanted to welcome you. Read BB everyday and you will learn more than you could ever believe... Everyone here is so great there is no question to small to ask and it seem someone has been there done that. Start by keeping a folder with all articles about PA and how serious it, things to do to keep child safe ect. you will need this when school rolls around. My PA son is 6 now and we found out he was allergic at 15months. Great to have you here... Kim

On Jan 19, 2003

Hi suekm, just pulling you up to say welcome! As for that list of products---products are changing all the time. It's best to continually read labels and also know which manufacturers are with-it.

On Jan 19, 2003

suekm, welcome! [img][/img]

As for finding a list, I don't think you'll really find a definitive one. You've already received great advice with the other people that have posted here.

Start checking ingredient labels on the products that you regularly buy. If you get a chance in the grocery store, check labels on ones that you think you may like to buy in the future.

Then, to double check if they are truly safe or not, visit here and search the board for the particular Manufacturer and what other members have experienced with that manufacturer.

When I have a question about a new manufacturer (for me), I check out the [url=""][/url] website. They have a pretty comprehensive list of both American and Canadian companies and their labeling practices.

It's difficult at times, but it can be done. And I think most importantly, remember that there is NEVER a question that is too stupid for you to post here to get an answer to.

You have definitely found the right place to gather information to keep your child safe, to receive comfort, caring, concern and encouragement.

Best wishes! [img][/img]