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Hello My daughter was tested for peanuts when she was 2. I had a feeling she was allergic when she developed hives after eating the crust off of her sister's pb toast. When I thought back, I remember her vomitting after or during her feeding, (breast milk, I love peanuts and all nuts, I used to snack on them in the middle of the night with feedings). The doctor said she had reflux. You can imagine my suprise and concern when the doctor called with the results, and told us to avoid peanuts like the plague. Now she is almost three and we are now fighting with hives. They seem to have come from nowhere put after reading some posts I think she may be more contact allergic than I thought. I am calling her allergy doctor today to get much more information from him. This site is a godsend for all PA and other allergy sufferers. Thanks

On Aug 17, 2006

Hello and welcome,

Yes, this site is a Godsend! Lots of brainstorming going on.

Good luck on finding out the cause of the mystery hives. Food diaries are helpful.


On Aug 27, 2006

Hi there! I'm new, too. I just have to comment that I snacked on peanut butter a lot while nursing my PA son, too. I know I shouldn't, but sometimes I feel so bad for being so clueless. He had really bad eczema all the time and he spit up a LOT.

Welcome! How old is your daughter? My son is 5-1/2.

------------------ April in KC

Mom to Three Boys Nate, 5 - PA Joe, 2 - Avoiding Peanut Drew, infant - I'm Avoiding Peanut for him!

On Aug 28, 2006

Hi and Welcome...

My son is 5 and has had his nut allergies since he was 2, there has been a few times he has had quite bad reactions to something we could not identify. Nuts were not possible at most of the locations. Just be prepared to not find out what causes some of your childs reactions..It is very annoying though.


On Aug 29, 2006

Skylar is 2 1/2. She is the only one who seems to have PA. I have 5 other children who seem to show no signs. She is number five of the six. We have finally gotten over this round of hives only to be ready for another. We had Walmart's version of rice o roni and as an after thought; I picked up the box and read the ingredients, to my shock and horror, at the bottom in bold print, processed in a facility the has peanuts. I am so concerned now, I never thought that all packaged foods could have trace amounts of peanuts. Well I will check her thought out the day to see if new hives pop up. She is used to taking the Bendryl that now she tells me she needs medicine.