New member from Asia (Singapore)


Found this site after my ds (21mo) had hives last nite after drinking some soup containing crushed nuts (which was not mentioned in the menu).

Its her 1st time reacting so severely, we got freaked out.

Glad to have found this site for some form of support.

Just wondering if there is any member from Singapore/Asia? Its tough to manage PA in Oriental culture as lots of food do contain nuts. Hope to gain some support and sharing.

On Oct 10, 2005

Hi, and welcome to the board.

Has your son been tested for allergies? Are you originally from Singapore? The reason I'm asking is, I think that's one of the places that you cannot purchase an epi-pen (correct me if I'm wrong).

On Oct 11, 2005

seen my daughter's paediatrician. epi-pen is not commonly prescribed. alot of children in Singapore managed to live with it, so i was told. thanks .

On Oct 11, 2005

You might want to post on the Main Discussion Board. Not everyone checks out the Introduction Board.