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Hello. I'm new to the Peanut Allergy world. I'm also new to message boards, so pardon any breach of protocol. My 22 month old son has a sever allergy to peanuts. I need to be as informed as possible on the dangers as well as the possible cures/treatments/etc. Daycares, ball parks, movie theaters, circuses, etc. are a frightening and stressful experience. I've heard that a vaccine is in the works that will reduce the possibility of anaphylactic shock upon exposure. Is this true? When will the vaccine be available? Any other information you feel would help indoctrinate me would be most appreciated.

On Jul 8, 2002

Hello NoPNuts! Welcome.

I am fairly new also. You're best bet is to put some time aside and read through as many previous posts as you can. I learned a lot that way. If you haven't bought the book "The Peanut Allergy Answer Book" yet by Michael Young, I recommend it.

And yes, my allergist also had said the last time I was in that a shot of some sort was due out around now for PA. I will ask her when we go in a few weeks. Anyone have more info on this?


On Jul 8, 2002

Thanks for the reply. I just read recent postings and the information is very helpful. There appears to be some very informed and considerate people on this site. Thanks for the input everyone.

On Jul 10, 2002

HI! I agree with the other poster-read the boards, but I can also tell you some things.In my intro I mentioned that I was 21 before my pa affected me too much, so I don't know how much certain places will affect me when I go.

I can tell you to read, read, and read some more on EVERY label of food he eats. You don' say how allergic (airborne, contact, or just ingestion allergic he is.)

I know some foods he should avoid: M&M's plain (they DO have peanuts in them!!)Natural ovens bread (just found that out-that they use the same machines for all their products. MIlk duds, the soft chips ahoy cookies (made with peanut flour). There's more, but I am drawing a blank right now.

I've been to a couple ball games and didn't have problems.

I can eat Dairy Queen-I will only get a cone or dilly bar-something like that.

Hope that helps a bit.