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I have a 2 year old who put a peanut in her mouth for 1 second before spitting it out, not bitting or swallowing any of it. Just from doing that her eyes swelled shut and she was covered in hives. Where she had touched it was one of the worst spots.

I took her to the doctor to have her tested and was called back to the office the very next day for an epi-pen. My Doctor told me she had the highest test level of any food allergy he has ever seen, at 3368. He told me that normal test levels were around 60 and he occasionally sees levels in the 1000 but never as high as my daughters.

Well, I have been searching the internet for information on ingridients and what other things peanut or peanut oil is called. There is so much information. If anyone has a great book to recommend or to direct me to a website with this information I would greatly appreciate it. I am also looking for any information about any kind of product, non food that may contain any peanut oils in it since my daughter also has a reaction just from touching it.

Thank you in advance.

On Apr 11, 2002

Parents Guide... by M. Barber is great, Peanut Allergy Answer Book by Dr. Young is also good. This is the best site for peanut allergies. Here are some other useful links:

[url=""][/url] [url=""][/url]

In the links section of this board there are several useful links including one which is a summary of all the recent research conducted on peanut allergies- very useful if you want to know the *science* of the allergy.

Hope these items get you off to a good start.

Be aware that you may find in time that your child has more than one allergy, so once you learn the symptoms- keep your eyes peeled. Some children are *just* allergic to peanuts, but many of us deal with several different allergies.

[url=""][/url] is a site for parents of children with multiple food allergies.