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Hi I've been lurking on your boards since I discovered this sight a couple of weeks ago and I decided it was time to join.

I live in Hamilton, Ontario and have a 2 1/2 year old PA daughter. I was very careful about introducing new foods but gave her peanut butter at 17 months (yes I know now that was too early but three friends with young children all assured me they started PB at one-year) and she had an immediate reaction (anaphylactic, I later discovered).

The guilt is very difficult. I've always loved peanut butter and ate it while pregnant and nursing. I didn't eat tons because it's fattening but I had this nice little chart to hang on my fridge for pregnant and nursing moms to keep track of all your servings (from the Canada Food Guide)and it had peanut butter on it! Now I know that I'm probably responsible for this horrible allergy. I knew how serious it could be but I honestly never really thought that she would have it.

Anyway, these boards are very informative - though often rather scary.

That Kraft thread today has thrown me for a loop since dd eats so many of those things.

Sorry to go on but I feel a little better getting all taht guilt off my chest. Too bad the fear will never go.

On Mar 18, 2002

Hi Susiesmom:

You shouldn't feel guilty. Nobody knows the reason why PA is happening and increasing. In fact I've been hearing about adults who are suddenly developing the allergy. The breast feeding theory is a big fat guess---that's all.

Also, as for feeling you introducted pb at too young an age---well, your daughter was bound to get traces of it anyway. You know how much it takes to avoid it. How can anyone possibly avoid it without adopting the lifestyle of the peanut allergic outright?

Anyway, welcome and I hope you find strength and information from these boards.

On Mar 18, 2002

Welcome to the boards! I understand the guilt you feel, because I am experiencing the same!! Mother's guilt is horrible, but I am finally working through and feel that my son would have this allergy no matter. Good luck!

On Mar 18, 2002

Thanks to River and Cooper's Mom.

River, your point about avoidance is a really good one. At least I know about the PA. If I didn't I practically positive that my dd would have been exposed.

We spent a month at my parents cottage up north last summer. She spent a great deal of time playing and eating with her 8 and 6 year-old cousins. And they were always trying to pick her up, grab her carry her around etc. Also, the summer cottage tradition of feeding peanuts to the chipmunks. Bags and bags of peanuts would normally pass throught that cottage and be spread around the deck and grounds. And though I may not have let her eat them, I probably wouldn't have thought to stop Grandpa or the cousins from helping her feed them to the chipmunks. And everyone else would be cracking and eating them as well. Not to mention ice cream from the town dairy - my favourite treat - so I know I wouldv'e been giving it to her on every trip in.

And as she is still breast-feeding (we had real trouble getting started but now at 2 1/2 I'm wondereing if she's ever going to stop!) I now know that I cannot consume anymore peanut products myself.

So, at least I know and I can do my best to protect her.