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Hi everyone, I've been reading these boards since July when I found out that my now 4 1/2 year old son is PA. Actually his first reaction was in Dec. of 2000 when a friend brought over some home baked cookies (peanut butter) and he just touched the cookie but didn't eat it. A little while later he was doing something he wasn't supposed to and I put him in time out (he was crying because of time out and I noticed hives on his face and I thought it was due to him crying. (They went away on their own). Anyway in July I was on vacation and went to a restaurant that had peanuts in buckets on the tables and my son was playing with them (didn't eat it) and a while later he sneezed and my husband wiped my son's nose with DH's napkin. When we were leaving I noticed hives all over his face and he sounded like he had a cold. I went back to my hotel and gave benedryl and he was fine. When I got home I took him to an allergist who did a skin test and it came up positive. In January of this year I got another opinion and this allergist did the blood test and he scored a Class 5, Number 73. The only thing I don't understand is that in the past before I knew about this allergy he has eaten Reese's, M & M's and lots of stuff that had the May Contain Warning. He has even eaten raisins and M & M's out of a Trail Mix bag which was loaded with peanuts, talk about cross contamination. Nothing ever happened when he ate these things (Thank God). He ate the trail mix stuff in between the two touch reactions too. It's so confusing. Anyway sorry this is so long but I thought I'd finally introduce myself and say thanks for all the great info.

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On Mar 15, 2002

It's great to hear from you, Gloria!

That's the bizarre thing about PA... and the most exasperating, it seems. Some people are evidently capable of actually consuming PN with no apparent ill effects on one day, and having full-blown anaphylaxis the next from a mere contact exposure. It makes it excruciatingly difficult to a) accept the allergy and its seriousness, and b) to track down the source of reactions.

Welcome! It is great to finally hear from you! [img][/img]