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Hello! I am brand new to this site, my name is Diana. I suffer from peanut and tree nut allergies.

My husband and I are forced to live with my parents who are 100% careless with nuts and products with warnings. The also get angry when I have a reaction to something and I have to tell them to be careful. It's a real load.

My husband doesn't not have allergies so I really don't have any good support or comrades with my problem.

I have been unable to work for 2 years due to my allergies, and also chronic hives. I got them to stop but I had to stop working to get it to happen. So it has forced us to live where we are.

I am hoping with some luck some people on this site can point me in the right directions....

I am also hoping to find products that are safe for me to have and to find a restaraunt that I can eat at....!!!

On Apr 18, 2008

Welcome to the board DianaMarie. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a difficult times with your family. I hope you get the support you need here as we all deal with people in our lives who don't "get it". They may be family, friends, co-workers etc.

On Apr 18, 2008

WELCOME!! It seems that awareness and seriousness of pa is so much different with the older the generation! I was talking with someone the other day whose brother is "deathly" allergic to pn but yet he said as kids they used to chase him around the house with pb just to see his eyes and lips swell! YIKES!!

I'm sorry it doesn't sound like you have a lot of support. I hope you can get the support you need from this fine group of people here! WELCOME!

On Apr 18, 2008

This place is so freaking awesome with wonderful people! I am really hoping to make some great friends! Sounds like this is a very supportive site. It's easy to use.....Thanks for the great messages I am looking forward to more....Yes it's hard to have the family understand that I am not lying or exagerrating. I once use to eat all I wanted. I develoved my allergies late in life. About my mid 20's. I can't wait to get started in here....

On Apr 19, 2008


Wow! That is awful that you can't work because of it. What kind of Job did you have that would have pn/tree nuts around? Did you work in a restaurant?

I can't believe your own parents get annoyed with the allergies. That is sad.

My DS is PN allergic. We do go out to eat. BUt we tend to go to the same places that we trust.