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Hi everyone, My cousin told me about this website. Her son has a peanut/tree nut allergy. I am very new to this all. My daughter is only 22 months old and has recently been diagnosed with a peanut and sesame seed allergy. My mother-in-law gave her only 3 Reese Pieces at the movies. My daughter reacted slowly. She had already had cold-like symptoms before the exposer (raspy voice), but after eating the 3 Reese Pieces, her eye turned red and her nose started to run. She only had 3 hives (one on her belly and one on her head). The ER doctor told me to have her tested just in case b/c it was hard to tell if she was allergic or not b/c she had a cold. Well, my ped. did blood work and the moment I got hte call, I broke down. The doctor said she is "highly allergic" to peanut but not tree nuts. What exactly does "highly allergic" mean? She has had M & Ms before b/c it didn't even cross my mind that they might be contaminated with PB. How could she be "highly allergic" if she ate M & M's and was fine? I am a very nervous person to begin with and this is just making me crazy. Is there a level the doc. can test that tells him what "highly allergic" is?

My daughter has always been around PB. I used to eat it in front of her and then kiss her all the time. It never seemed to bother her. I just knew when I saw her after her Reese Pieces exposure that something was just not right. My mommy gut was telling me so.

Thanks for the support of this site!

On Aug 3, 2006

Hello and welcome,

Yes, this is a great site for information and support.

As you have found out, allergies can come on at any time, even with prior exposure. Perhaps she is not contact-reactive, so kissing, etc... was not enough to bring on a reaction. She actually ingested the PB this time - different results. But you can only tell with time. Following reactions can always become more serious, so please be careful.

Tree nuts and peanuts are different critters, but many are cross-contaminated at packaging facilities and manufacturers. This is why many people that are PA only also avoid tree nuts. Some may also have a tendency to develop new allergies.

The bloodwork (probably RAST) the Ped ordered gives an idea of how likely a reaction to a certain allergen is, but not the extent of the reaction or how serious the reaction.

Have she seen an Allergist yet? Your Ped should prescribe a couple of Epi-Jrs. for you ASAP. You also need to keep liquid Pediatric Benadryl on hand for minor hives, etc...

See the post "Anaphylaxis symptoms and grading chart". It explains when to use the Epi. (Good idea to print out a copy and keep in the bag with the Epi's. Don't want to have to hunt it down in an emergency.)

You are fortunate to have a family member for advice!

Many hugs, Daisy

On Aug 4, 2006

I completely understand what you are going through. I went through it myself just a few weeks. (see My old post "Help, my daughter's IgE is over 100!) It is so overwhelming and scary. I am still in a panic mode but more educated. See a pediatric allergist first and foremost. Ask him questions. and more questions. and then some more. you will have plenty to ask.

On Aug 4, 2006

Thank you so very much for your quick response! It's amazing how much I used to love peanut butter and even more amazing as to how much I hate it now! I love this site! I will take your advice and be very careful.