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I am so glad to finally find a message board on this topic. I have a 2 1/2 year old son with a severe PA. We found out 2 days before his second birthday. We gave him half a peanut butter cookie, his first, and within seconds he started having a reaction. All said and done he spent the night in the childrens ICU unit at the childrens hospital. This was the scariest thing my husband and I have ever been through as the rest of you probably can understand. The blessing was that we were not at home when this happened but right across the street from the hopital. We live 30 minutes away from the closest hospital so the outcome would not have been so good. To say the least, we were VERY blessed that day. It's good to find a place where other people can understand what we are going through. There are a LOT of people out there thet really don't get how life changing this can be. I look forward to reading the boards and would love to hear any ideas on dealing with this on a day to day basis. I wonder if anyone has ideas on eating out. That seems to be something we are terrified to do and really just don't do because it is very hard to trust other people preparing my sons food. Thanks again for any messages and hopefully I can add ideas for you as well. God Bless!

On Apr 8, 2006

Welcome aboard, You will find alot of support on these boards. No questions are too dumb to ask! Education is power so learn all you can. It is frightful at the start but it does get easier with time. I have been dealing with the peanut allergy for six years. I have been accused of being paranoid and a whole host of other things but at the end of the day I don't really care! Eating out is hard. I find that having to quiz the staff is a pain but you have to do it. I think the most unusual restuarant that uses peanut oil was the Dog-N-Suds. They brush the hotdogs with peanut oil so the skins don't split. I am not sure if you have that chain in your area. You just have to ask every time. Some heart healthy versions of OJ have peanut oil added too. I am glad you found us! Please email me off board if you have questions. God's Blessing, Lori