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Hi, I just learned yesterday that my 17 month old son is allergic to both peanuts and eggs. The egg thing is weird because he has eaten eggs and things containing eggs numerous times and never had a problem. We only suspected a problem when he got hives in reaction to contact with raw egg white (accidental). They tested for peanuts "just in case" and he really reacted to that one. I'm so worried. He got horrible, horrible hives one day and the doctor suspects he somehow got something with peanuts, but I don't know how. I have never given him peanut products but I've eaten peanut butter around him numerous times and he's never had a problem. He has also had items that have that warning that it was produced in a factory that processes nuts and never had a problem... Anyway, the skin test show both a peanut and egg allergy so that's what we're dealing with. The doc suggests not giving him anything containing egg, even though he's eaten them before without a problem. He is hopeful that he will outgrow the egg allergy but did not seem hopeful about the peanut one. I worry so much as it is and now I have one more very real thing to worry about and I'm hoping to educate myself and learn from others who have been there before so I can make things as normal as possible for all of us. ~Shannon

On Nov 11, 2005

Shannon, Welcome! Glad you found this site.

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On Nov 11, 2005

Hi Shannon

Like you i found out my son was allergic to peanuts and cashew nuts around the same age as your little one. I know that at first there are many questions you need answers to. A lot of things will depend on your comfort zone, while i dont give my son any "may contains" or "made in the same factory as" there are many whos comfort zones allows these. Have you been given Epi pens? This is a great site with a lot of knowledgable and friendly people. Any questions dont be afarid to ask. My son is 4 now and i have never had any serious problems so far. It does get easier to live with.

On Nov 11, 2005

Thank you all for the welcome! I am happy to have found a place to learn and talk about this issue.

On Dec 1, 2005

When I was about a year, I was diagnosed with egg, peanut and nut allergies. I could eat eggs, but would break out in hives and have cramping if I had a fried egg. They didn't bother me if they were an ingredient in something. By the time I was about 10 or 12 I had outgrown my egg allergy. I am now 37 and my peanut and nut allergy are worse than they have ever been.

It is very possible that your child will outgrow the egg allergy. I have not heard of many outgrowing the peanut/nut allergy and my allergists have always told me that they usually get worse with age.

Not to be a bearer of gloom and doom, but these allergies are very survivable and you learn to live with them. It becomes second nature and you learn very quickly how to cope with it. My parents did not help me with mine and it is so nice to see parents who are so involved in their childrens health and lives.

On Dec 9, 2005

Hello, I just found out my ds has a PA. I totally understand how you are feeling. It is an extreme shock to your system. If you ever want to talk, feel free to email me. My son is 22 months old.

Take Care Kim

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