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I have been lurking here for quite a while and have asked a couple of questions, but realized I had never introduced myself. I am Paula. My daughter, Isabel, had a severe reaction to peanuts 1 day after her first birthday. I am not sure how we would have survived without the wonderful information I have gotten from reading these message boards. I am taking her to the Allergy Clinic at Arkansas Children's Hospital in April. Her pediatrician went ahead and prescribed her an Epi-pen, Jr. even though she does not quite weigh enough.

On Feb 3, 2003

Welcome, Paula. I'm glad you've already gotten a lot of useful information here. We've had an epi-pen jr. for my daughter since she was 14 months old, and had a severe allergic reaction to milk. She didn't weigh quite 20 pounds at the time. I look forward to seeing you around on the boards... [img][/img] Miriam

On Feb 3, 2003

Welcome Paula

Lots of good info here.

Does she have a medic-alet braclet?

Look forward to seeing you around.

Love this site synthia

On Feb 3, 2003

Thank you for the welcome. No, she does not have a medic alert bracelet yet. I am waiting until after her appointment with the allergist to order one.