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Hi all - I'm so glad we found this web site. It has been a bit comforting to read your comments - it at least shows we're not the only ones who are scared and confused.

Our 3 year old son had an anaphylactic reaction last Thursday night after accidentially eating a bit of peanut butter (I didn't know he was allergic but I suspected he might have a sensitivity). We called 911 and he was taken to the hospital and now he's fine thank goodness!). But, now we're faced with a whole new world for our son and ourselves. We are waiting to see a pediatric allergist and we're hoping he'll answer many of our questions. In the meantime, we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders as we try to train our nanny and the nursery school about his peanut allergy when we don't feel we know everything we need to yet. I guess one day at a time - hopefully it will get easier as we learn and get into more of a routine with living with his pa. Thanks for listening! Glad to be a member - we're not alone!

On Sep 24, 2002

Hi! You are definately not the only one who is scared and confused. Isn't this website wonderful? We are waiting for an appointment with an allergist as well, I have so many questions for him/her. After both of our newly diagnosed kids get their appointments, we can compare the info we receive and see how much is the same. Maybe we can fill in some gaps for each other. Since we are both in Canada, maybe some of the info will be different than some of the US Moms and Dads.

Nice to see someone else from Canada (still far away though).

Take care... Kristen

On Sep 24, 2002

Thanks for your reply!

It really is comforting to know I'm not the only one. How did you find out your son or daughter was allergic? How old is you child? Ever since my son's reaction (5 days ago), I've had a headache. I think it just the stress of trying to learn everything I can to keep him safe. Once we have all the systems in place (like rules for his caregiver and grandparents, a procedure for the nursery school to follow, all the proper groceries in the house, etc.), I think I'll start to feel better. But, I must admit, I hate the fact tht my son is so vulnerable to something so common and I know I'm complaining but I'm going to miss going out for ice cream and muffins (our family has a huge sweet tooth and we used to love going out for treats!).

So, when do you see the allergist? We go this Thursday afternoon. The receptionist said the doctor will do the prick test on his back and they'll be able to tell us the results in 10 minutes. I guess my major question is what is he not allowed to eat. Definately peanuts are out but what about gua1r gum, mangos? I hope he has a list or something.

Thanks again for your reply and I hope you get lots of answers from the allergist.


On Sep 24, 2002


Hi Cindy and welcome. I edited my post because I had a blonde moment. I thought when I looked at your profile that Thornhill was Thorndale(which is close to London where I live)Duh. Anyway, Just another Canadian looking out for ya.

P.S...Hi Kristen, forgot to say hi to you as well, being that your new here [img][/img]

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On Sep 27, 2002

Hi everyone, thank you so much for the welcome. My appointment with my Doctor is this Monday, and then who knows when I'll get to see an allergist. Hopefully not too long, but I'm going to request an appt. with a pediatric allergist, so that may take longer. Let me know what your Doctor says OK? It might give me some more info for when I go... Also, I've heard that 18 months is too young to test for anything, should I insist on it being done despite her age?


On Sep 27, 2002

Hi again,

Just back from the pediatric alergist. I was a little disappointed. First, I naively thought she would be able to tell me everything my son is allergic to, but, I learned that the skin prick test isn't too reliable unless it is accompanied with some history (like a previous reaction). So, she did the test for peanuts and the welt on my son't back was almost as big as a quarter. So, she confirmed he is very allergic to peanuts. The second reason the appointment was anti-climatic was that I hoped she'd have all the answers but it seemed my husband knew perhaps more than the doctor about how to live with the peanut allergy due to all the internet research he's been doing. In hindsight, it makes sense that she is not necessarily an expert on what to do about the allergy - she knows about how to diagnose it. For example, I was hoping she'd have a comprehensive list of all the things to avoid on food labels. She did give us a list but it was missing some things I've seen on other lists. I asked about guar gum and mango pits but she didn't know. Anyway, the good news is that there are web sites which seem to have alot more information. (Have you heard anything about these two items, as an aside?)

By the way, I'd love a email - I think my email address is with my profile and we live in Thornhill (just north or Toronto) - not too close to London or Banff, unfortunately!

I guess the morale of the whole allergist story is that we have to investigate and do our own research and help each other. I was glad we had learned as much as we did prior to the appointment. And, I recommend having a written list of questions.

Thanks for your notes!