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hello to everyone, I am also a new member. I too am overwhelmed by all this information! We are new computer owners, and I just found this site yesterday. I have a 3 yo son who is PA. He has been diagnosed since he was about 10 months old. The only reaction he has had is a rash around his mouth when he was exposed to peanut butter for the first time, and we knew something wasn't right. I have already learned so much from the boards about restaurants and snacks. We don't think his allergy is severe because the few times he was exposed he only got a rash. Does anyone else have this reaction, and could it get worse? I look forward to learning and helping when I can!

On Sep 5, 2000

Welcome Amy2.

No one can ever predict what the next allergic reaction will look like. I would not even hazard a guess.

On Sep 5, 2000

Hi Amy2 - As I mentioned in my post in PA Inherited, we have kids the same age! I also have a 13 year old son (from my first marriage) and he is allergy free. When I read your reply about your April baby sleeping, but needing the pacifier off and on all night - I could have wrote that! I am soooo tired all the time! Anyway, my PA daughter inherited allergies from both sides. Although I don't have any allergies, my sister and mother have a lot of animal and environmental allergies. My husband has seasonal allergies and a mild allergy to hazelnuts.

I hope, for your son's sake, that his allergy doesn't get any worse, but you should act as if his allergy is serious, just to be on the safe side. Allergies are very unpredictable, and they can suddenly become very serious. It's good that you are aware of cross-contamination issues and restaurants - you are on the right track. My PA daughter's first reaction was hives around the mouth and a bit of coughing, but she had a cold at the time, so we didn't really put 2 and 2 together. Her second exposure was hives, vomiting, choking, drooling, agitation - and a rushed trip to the ER.

About your son's allergy, assume the worst and hope for the best - and definitely get him retested if you suspect his allergy is mild. They say that a SMALL percentage of children outgrow PA, but there has to be total avoidance of peanut products - each exposure seems to make the allergy worse. Best of luck with this.

On Sep 5, 2000

To Cayley's Mom, thank you so much for your advice! I had a feeling that each exposure could be worse than the time before. I have tried my best to keep him away from any peanut containing products, but, you know, it is hard sometimes, some companies aren't very responsible letting us know. About my daughter, this pacifier thing is never ending. I think she is teething too, which could also be part of the problem, but she just can't seem to keep that sucker in there! My son never had any of these problems, but, he was like the perfect baby. He gave us hardly any sleepless nights. They say the second is much different! Boy are they right! She is a doll of course. I will take these rough nights, because she is a blessing! I keep telling myself, "it will pass!" Well, better go! Hope to hear from you soon!