new iPhone Application called \'NoPeanut\'


I wanted to bring to your attention a [b]new app for your iPhone called NoPeanut[/b]. NoPeanut provides you with information on the go to help prevent exposure to peanut allergens.

You can go to the Apple App Store at [url=""][/url]

NoPeanut includes: * [b]Nutrition info from leading US Restaurant chains:[/b] Menu items to avoid from leading restaurants, and Best Choice Restaurants direct you to restaurants that do not list Peanut or Tree nuts as ingredients on your nutrition guides (always remember to verify with your server/food preparer) * [b]Multi-language Digital warning cards[/b]: show your server/food preparer to help ensure that they understand your concern about peanut allergies and direct you to safe food choices on their menu * [b]Emergency help: Mutli-langauage digital cards[/b]: In the event of a reaction, multi-language cards help communicate your need for somebody to call for an ambulance due to an allergic reaction to Peanuts

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