New Idea -- Need Feedback


Hi All: I've not written in a while but had something happen yesterday that I wanted to bounch off of you. (To recap my situation: Have a 7 year old boy with SEVERE PA)....Had an incident happen at school yesterday which had me talking with a "dog lover"....she said if they have bomb and drug sniffing dogs, why can't we get dogs to aid our children in sniffing out peanuts and peanutbutter? To me, having a dog by my son's side would make him feel more confident and assist in a situation where a child has eaten peanutbutter and my child is approaching him. (FYI -- my son cannot even smell peanutbutter without getting itchy eyed and my leave the area immediately upon smelling or will have reaction.) Any ideas? What are your thoughts. To me this seems so simple. It shouldn't cost nearly what bomb dogs cost in that PB is such a definite smell and dogs love it. It should be easy to train a dog and probably a good obidience class trainer could do it.

On Nov 14, 2000

Hey, that sounds like an interesting idea, to have a working dog! Dogs are trained to sniff out all kinds of different stuff. Unfortunately, our allergist said that dogs (and cats) are an allergy potential for my daughter, or more specifically, asthma potential. I think that might be the case for a lot of other people too, since pet dander is a major allergen.

But if it works for you, it would be great!


On Nov 19, 2000

Great idea.

I wonder how one would go about getting that ball rolling?

On Nov 19, 2000

If you search "sniffing dogs" in yahoo you will find over 1,000 sites, many of which, might help you. Andy

On Jan 2, 2001

Woozermom, I brought this back to the top since you mentioned the same idea.

On Jan 2, 2001

I talked to a man in Florida who trains dogs for the President (bomb dogs, etc.) He said that any good trainer could teach a dog to do this; however, the issue he saw was that the owner (child) would have to be responsible for the dog. My thought is that the school should take the responsibility for the dog and have it part of the "school staff" per se for those children who have PA.

On Jan 2, 2001

I have nothing to add other than I have thought of the same thing too. Dogs can detect seizures & cancers in addition to drugs. I would love to have a dog trained for peanut! I would feel so safe! It would be great! Gennie