New Hershey's Products which are PF


This is my first post, so hope I'm putting it in the correct location. We are a baking family with a PA Son, now 17yo. As most folks know, goodies to bake with and candies are some of the hardest things to find, even if you love cooking from scratch like we do.

Hershey's has new "Pieces" like the Reese's ones, which are Almond Joy, Dark Chocolate, and York patties. I know that at least the first two are PF, but haven't tried the third. We are so excited, as PA son LOVES dark chocolate and it's hard to find safe candies. We have lots of ideas for cooking with them, but have already about finished the bags! The dark chocolate ones are like M&Ms. We were so disappointed when they stopped making Kissables, and are delighted to find these new flavored "Pieces."

Also, we have found the Kroger semisweet mini chocolate chips to be our only safe baking chips which are great. The Guittard chips (great flavors) are PF, but not available around here much, and are more costly.

By Food Allergy Assistant on Dec 10, 2009

Thanks for the updated information about Hershey products. It's always exciting to find new products that are safe- especially chocolate ones!

By BestAllergySites on Dec 10, 2009

Thank you PFson for sharing. I'll have to ck them out!

By kalelpeanut on Dec 10, 2009

Mmmmm Are sure they are safe? I am always afraid to try something new. They also have Reeses Pieces so I hope they are not made in a share equipment. Thanks for sharing!