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Posted on: Mon, 10/15/2001 - 2:22am
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HI, my 3 yr old had skin testing done a few months ago. We only got half through b/c he was having a hard time dealing with the skin prick. A little background, he was thought to have possible milk allergy at birth and was on soy formula for a year. We then transitioned to cow milk and he did fine. He had eczema as a baby and it still flares. In the last year he has developed nasal allergies and is on Zyrtec, which controls the runny nose etc, some of the time. I recently had him skin tested at an allergist and he tested postive for peanuts, melon and beef. Milk wasn't one of them. At any rate he has been eating peanut butter and eats meatballs often and i have never noticed any reaction to either. nOw it could be an increase in eczema or nasal symptoms but i could never correlate it to either. i since have stopped peanuts and beef and he seems about the same. Since he never had a bad reaction to either am i supposed to avoid some of the only foods my toddler will eat! Should i get furter testing done- a different kind. I definately suspect environmental allergies too. He also drinks alot of OJ but we didn't get to that on the skin test b/c of his difficulty finishing it. Any advice for me would be great. Thanks - Tracey

Posted on: Mon, 10/15/2001 - 10:27am
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I have recently learned that only 30% of positive skin prick tests indicate true allergy. If your child has been eating beef and peanuts with no reaction, I don't think he's allergic. You could get a CAP RAST blood test just to double check. That really should be negative if he's not allergic. Apparently "allergic" people like your son (eczema, hayfever) tend to develop IgEs to lots of things they're not really allergic to, so skin prick tests show positive to all kinds of allergens. I would try to really pay attention to what seems to make his eczema flare up (I know it's hard to tell) and maybe get a CAP RAST for a whole slew of things. If he can stand it, the skin prick tests might be good just to rule out certain things, but it's tough when you're doing a lot of them. Good luck, and let us know what happens.

Posted on: Wed, 10/17/2001 - 6:07am
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We had a similar situation. My son, who loves tofu and soy milk, skin tested allergic to soy. When I mentioned to the allergist that he eats the stuff almost daily and had no problems, he said that it must be a false positive: If he doesn't react when he eats the food, and has eaten it recently, then let him keep eating it. On the other hand, he tested positive for shellfish, which he's never had, so doc said to avoid those.

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