new here -- son had ana. rxn to TN


Hi. I'm so glad to find this site. I'm desperate to know other people who struggle with nut allergies. I'm really new to this, and very anxious about my new life as a mother of a 4-yr-old with a severe tree-nut allergy.

Warning -- this may be long...

Would you believe that our intro to food allergy was a full-fledged anaphylactic reaction to a macadamia nut when we were out camping in the mountains a few weeks ago, far away from any hospital. I should say, that if I had been a less naive mother, I would have caught the nut allergy sooner, because he has had mild reactions over the past few years, but I guess I just thought it wasn

On Sep 18, 2007

Sorry to have you join us. I am glad you found the support, but a little sad there is another child out there with food allergies. I have a three year old girl. She hasn't been tested for tree nuts but if you have peanut allergies you have a 50% chance of having tree nuts allergies. So we avoid tree nuts. I first found out about my daughter allergies when my doctor sent me home to have my daughter try eggs before giving her a flu shot. She immediately broke out with hives around her mouth. Scared me to death. The pediatrician told us a story of his seeing a young girl die from her egg allergies even with medical intervention. I have a very tight comfort zone probably partly based on his story. My Gillian is allergic to peanuts, eggs, milk, rice, keflex and we avoid tree nuts for now. You will find a lot of good information and people hear. Welcome, Cindy

On Sep 19, 2007

Hi Shannon-

Welcome. It is such a relief to find a place where people understand what you are dealing with. My dd is almost 10 and is allergic to all tree nuts, peanuts and sesame.

It makes life a bit more challenging. We have been dealing with this for 5 years now. Thankfully she has only had 1 reaction, 5 yrs ago. It is possible to avoid reactions with due vigilance.

People ( like your family and friends) may think that you are too careful and too much of a nervous nelly, but it is the best way to be. It sounds like he had a pretty good reaction so I think taking this very seriously is a good idea.

I forget how old you son is, but read the school boards to know how to make school a safe place.

Good luck and no question is to dumb!


On Sep 19, 2007

Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for sharing your story - you never know, you may have saved another child by sharing your experiences.

Please feel free to ask questions - there is a wealth of knowledge here!

On Sep 19, 2007

Hi and Welcome. I just wanted to welcome you to this site. I have found it to be very informative and supportive. I am so sorry you and your son had to go through such an experience. It is not fun and can be so scary. I have a 6 year old daughter with peanut, treenut and soy allergies. Like your son, she had an overly extreme hatred towards all nuts and especially peanuts. We thought it odd but didn't suspect allergies. Luckily, her reaction was not as severe. She had a stomach ache and vomiting when accidentally ingesting some peanut flour. Its hard at first, but it does get easier to handle. Good luck! Linda

On Sep 19, 2007

I think your story speaks volumes! Sometimes I think I am so thankful my ds' RAST scores are lower than others, however your story totally proves RAST means nothing when it comes to severity! Thanks for posting and welcome! Chrissy DS, age 6 - peanut, tree nut, egg, sesame, shrimp and enviromentals.

On Sep 19, 2007

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story.

It is common that kids with food allergies will automatically shy away from the allergen food. Self protection.

I am so glad your son is OK.

My dd (almost 13) is TNA as well as PA. We learned that when she was 1. So, my best advice to you is to find an allergist/doctor you like and feel is educated on Food Allergies, get him a Medic Alert bracelet (if you want to read about other alternatives you can search here - but I am a Medic Alert fan) and start the journey of educating him and yourself on food!

On Sep 29, 2007

First.. I am so glad your son is ok... what a scary episode... Try not to beat yourself up over it... I know I did when my sone had a reaction that I did not recognize right away... He had not eaten anythng to my knowlege that had panuts in it. hence my stupidity thinking "it could be a panut allergy reaction.. he didn't have peanuts.. yadda yadda.. he had hives and threw up right after lunch he was covered with hives in 1/2 hours.. I shold have given him the epi at that point.. the Dr said. I was expecting something else I guess.. thrat or mouth swelling.. ect .. anyway he is ok and so is your son.. At lwast you won't make that mistake again.