New Here, CAP-RAST Test Levels and other??

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Hi I'm new here, hoping to get some help from you guys. [img][/img]

My son who is 2yrs,4mnths old now, was diagnosed as having a peanut allergy in the spring of 2003 (allergist did the skin-prick test and his level was a 3. No other food allergies but one airborne one-cats). Anyway, we just had the CAP-RAST blood test for peanuts done this week, and the allergist just called and said his level was "0.57". He said this level is very low and there's a chance he might outgrow his peanut allergy. But, we are to continue avoiding peanuts (and all other nuts) for another year and then he'll do the CAP-RAST test again.

We are fine with continuing to avoid peanuts and all nuts, we're so used to it now and we'll do everything we can to hopefully help him outgrow this allergy...if that's possible. And we'll continue to carry his Epi-Pen everywhere we go.

So I'm asking those of you who have much more knowledge on this topic than I do, is his level *really* low? Is there a scale for this?? I've read that peanut allergy is one of the least likely allergies to outgrow, is that true from what you know?

Thanks so much!! Liz ~mom to 3 boys ages 4, 2 and having the third in 3 weeks [img][/img]

On Feb 14, 2004

Welcome Liz! If you look at the bottom of this link: [url=""][/url] you can see that .57 is a class 1 - that is low compared to, say a class 6 which would be a score greater than 100. As you have already heard, it would be wise to avoid peanuts for the time being. Was your son originally tested because of a prior reaction?

------------------ Jana


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On Feb 16, 2004

Thank you Jana-that scale is exactly what I was looking for.

Alex developed mild eczema in winter 2003 and nothing we did helped it. Finally his Pediatrician suggested that it may be caused by allergies. So off to an allergist we went, and had him tested for the top food and airborne allergies. Much to our surprise, we found he was allergic to peanuts and cats. (We had a cat at the time, but have since given her to my mom.)

So anyway, that's how we found out about his peanut allergy.

Thanks for your help. [img][/img]


On Feb 16, 2004

Oh I guess I should add that no, he never had any reaction to peanut before. I fed him pb&j sandwiches on a regular basis (twice a week or so) and never any signs of allergy-except the eczema of course.

Once we discovered the peanut allergy, it gave me chills to think about all the times he ate PB!