New here, but not to allergies


My DD was born allergic to milk. It was simple, we just gave her non milk items till she outgrew it at 3. Now it is hard to remember that even being an issue. We were the only ones who cared for her (DH and myself) so it didn't really involve much turmoil.

Now, she's almost 4, I had decided to homeschool (for religious reasons, then 3 days after I decided to, she had her first anaphalaxis to peanuts) Now, months later, dh thinks it will be too stressful to HS. I have bipolar and am unable to take my meds due to pregnancy and then nursing. So I do get stressed. DD is a very high needs child (much unlike my 2nd dd who is so passive) I've been reading and reading here and keep wondering if I should just HS since I wanted to in the beginning anyways! I'm so scared, and am finding a WEALTH of helpful stuff here. So I'm glad to be here, and DH and I will probably have tons of questions through time.

Nice to meet everyone

PS She's had anaphlaxis twice from peanuts where she almost stopped breathing. How in the world she survived because we didn't have an epi is beyond me. And we are getting ready to have another allergen screen done on outdoor allergies. She ballooned right up at the Alamo lastweek! There may have been nut trees outside, or it could have been a mold, so we need to find out. So add another stressor on the pile.

On Jun 5, 2003

Welcome!!!!!! This board can answer almost all of your questions. Do lots of searches and you will find so much information. Everyone is such a help. Good luck.