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Hi, my name is Lea & my daughter who is now 23 months, had a reaction to Peanut Butter at age 18 months. We gave her peanut butter & her lips swelled up to 3 times it's size & she had a rash from head to toe.

Our doctor told us she's allergic to peanuts & gave us an Epi-pen prescription which we filled right away. We have never had her tested for allergies. Is this something we should do? Also, should we have a med-alert bracelet made for her? We are new to PA. I'm learning a lot by reading the messages here.

Thanks for all your input!! Lea

On Mar 11, 2002


Hi and welcome. Can you get an allergist in your area? I would ask for a referral from your Doctor if you can, if not, ask your Doctor for a Cap Rast test. That's just so you can track from year to year here score that rates the severity of the allergy.

You already know she is allergic so it's not something you need right away, but it's available and if it's free, why not?

All I can tell you is read all the board, all sections, and you will understand what the basics are in keeping your daughter safe. Everyone has their own comfort level so you will in time develop your own.

Talk to you soon.

On Mar 11, 2002

I echo the sentiments already posted... you are lucky (wellllll... sort of [img][/img] ) to have found your daughter's allergy at such a young age. And to have already found this website as a resource is a tremendous advantage! [img][/img]

Depending upon how severe and sudden your physician thinks your daughter's reactions are likely to be and (perhaps most importantly) on whether she is ever cared for by someone other than yourself (daycare, babysitters), now might be a good time to introduce her to a Medic Alert bracelet. Our daughter has worn hers since she was 13 months old, and at 3 years old, it has never been taken off of her wrist. She barely notices it is there- so early is definitely better if you plan on having her wear one at all. Its also (I think) a bit easier with a girl since she may view it as "special jewelry" just for her. Our daughter was ironically thrilled with hers... mommy and daddy wear watches (which she covets deeply) and so- viola!- our daughter has a special bracelet instead.

Some children object to wearing the bracelets if they are not introduced until the school years... which is unfortunate, since this is an important safeguard that many schools will insist upon for your child's safety! We were advised to get our daughter accustomed to wearing one at a young age- so far so good.

Welcome! [img][/img]

On Mar 11, 2002

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