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Well, I wish I didn't need a site like this...but here I am. A couple of weeks ago my son (13 months old now) had a reaction to his first taste of peanut butter [img][/img] So voila, here I am.

I'm Cathy, mom to Justin. We live outside of Chicago. Oh, and the reason I find myself looking for sites about peanut allergies today is that I gave him a snack of something I *thought* was innocent enough (Ritz bits Xtreme cheese crackers) and then proceeded to read the guessed it, the last ingredient was peanuts [img][/img] So I figured I needed to be better informed, because I never in a million years expected to see peanuts in the ingredients. I emailed Nabisco a piece of my mind and gave Justin some Benadryl and have been watching him very carefully [img][/img]

So, hi!

On Feb 6, 2002

Cathy, Hi, and so sorry about Justin, but stick with us and you will learn lots. When you have time, go through the boards and read. You will get to know everyone here a bit, I just started in November so I'm fairly new. How did Justin react to his first exposure? Let us know. -Sylvia

On Feb 6, 2002

Hi Cathy, I'm Lisa and also new to this website after my 15month old daughter was diagnosed with peanut and egg allergies. I live in Northwest Indiana and am looking to find moms in this area that are going through the same thing. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. This website has really been helpful for me - hope you find the same! Lisa

On Feb 6, 2002

Welcome....I am fairly new here also. In early January my 13month old son was diagnosed with PA after he had a reaction to his first taste of peanutbutter. The first week was horrible but now I am beginning to get a grip on how to feed him. Since we both kids around the same age I would like to correspond with you through e-mail. My son is 14 month today. My e-mail is [email][/email]. Good luck.

On Feb 6, 2002

Thanks, all. Justin reacted quite quickly to the peanut butter. I was cleaning the kitchen while he was eating (a few bread cube sandwiches with PB on them). I was a little wary, knowing a penaut butter allergy is always a possibility. I don't think he ate more than a teaspoon, but his color started changing (seemed redder), then he started rubbing at his face, and I noticed his "voice" was a little odd and his right eye started puffing up. I immediately got him out of the high chair and went to call the pediatrician. Since it was early in the morning I had to leave a message with their service--it took 15 minutes for her to call me back! As I was talking to her Justin threw EVERYTHING up (nice mess) and the ped. told me if he was having any trouble breathing, take him to the ER. So that's where we went! By the time we got there he seemed a lot better (I imagine getting it out of his system helped), but they checked him out and gave him Benadryl. So scary.

ANYWAY, and maybe I should make a separate post about this, did the rest of you have your children tested after an allergic reaction? Is he too young to test? I would love to know how severe his allergy is but have no clue how to go about it. We see the pediatrician in March for a well-baby visit.

On Feb 6, 2002

Cath127 - my experience was exactly like yours. When my son was 13 months old, I gave him a lick of PB off a spoon, and he instantly broke out in hives. Called the ped, gave him Benadryl and he was fine (no breathing problems, no vomiting). Took him to an Allergist/Immunologist for a CAP RAST blood test, and he scored 2 1/2 on a scale of 6. I got prescriptions for EpiPen Jrs. and have one with me at all times. I preferred the blood test to "scratch" or skin tests, especially since Strader was so little at the time. This site will be a lifesaver for you. Be vigilant about everything he eats -- read labels and drum it into your friends and family that your child is allergic. Don't despair: My son is almost 3 and has never had another reaction. Good luck and take care!

On Feb 8, 2002

Hi there,

Yes definitely get your child tested and no he is not too young. My daughters initial reaction was at nine months where I put a pinprick sized dot of peanut butter on her top lip and within a minute her top lip was swollen with blisters on it. I mentioned this to the doctor who immediately referred my child to an allergist to be tested. After she was tested we knew the severity of her allegy which allowed us to prepare. She rated 4/5 at just over a year and at last testing ( nearly three years)was in the group 5 category 5/5 (our most severe).(I'm in Australia test scores are slightly different.. I didn't know about the options of different tests prior to hours worth of reading here. Please research well and insist on the tests you want. We were unaware of our full options prior to our research. You will learn heaps and although it is never fully out of your mind It will get easier and less overwhelming as time goes on. Good Luck.