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Posted on: Wed, 04/11/2001 - 12:40am
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pHello, I would like to introduce myself. I have a thirteen month old daughter who was just introduced with a peanut allergy, among other allergies, egg, wheat and dairy. Needless to say it has been overwhelming. I have to admit I had no clue of the severity of a peanut allergy. I am so glad to have found this site. Of all her allergies, this one scares me the most. I have also been through the guilt because I did eat peanut butter every day while I was pregnant with her. And, this makes me so mad because I read many pregnancy books, and not one mentioned the possibility of a peanut allergy resulting in your child. Well, I know I have a lot to learn and am really glad I found this site./p

Posted on: Wed, 04/11/2001 - 3:45am
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Hi there. My son Michael has PA. If you read my story above, you will learn the severity of his allergy. I wish peanuts would be banned from all foods, who needs it!?? Anyway please do not take lightly, this PA. Because it almost took my son's life 1 year ago this month on the 27th. There are so many foods that are mislabeled out their. My son used to eat m&m's, not anymore. Becuz now on the pkg it says"may contain peanuts", after our scare with this, I read everything.But especially in cereals you can be too sure. Even though we have the epi pen on hand, that is no guarantee that the reaction wont be a severe one. I am scared to death now. And before this happened to us, I didnt give it too much thought, and I KNEW he was allergic. But this was a wake up call for me, one that I wont ever take lightly again. This is so serious and I dont know why these food manufactures arent taking this seriously. I guess it wont happen until a loved one of a big wig at these company's fall victim of false labeling. Maybe then our plight will be understood, take care of your little one.

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 11:47am
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I just found out today that my asthmatic son is allergic to peanuts. I, too, am completely overwhelmed and weirded out. He is 5 1/2 now. I also have a 5 month old daughter who I am worried about, too. I guess mostly because I feel a lot of guilt as well. My biggest craving during both pregnancies was peanuts. Not just peanut butter, but peanuts. I must have had 50 bags of peanuts during both pregnancies and a gazillion sandwiches, to boot.
I think there needs to be more serious research into the correlation between pregnancies with high doses of peanuts and the allergy compared to those who didn't eat a gazillion.
Ah well.. I know it's not my fault, but it still feels that way.

Posted on: Wed, 04/18/2001 - 1:57pm
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Please don't think much of the breastfeeding and PA allergy. I breast fed my last two and the 5 1/2 year old has the PA and I ate peanut butter maybe 2 times the whole pregnancy and while I nursed. The 2 year old I ate alot of peanut butter while pregnant and nursing and she has no allergies at all. I had to wait until the middle of the night to eat Peanut butter items, then wash everything carefully, if my PA daughter woke up after I had eaten it, my husband would go care for her. I didn't want to expose her to it, but still craved it sometimes. Mostly Peanut butter cups or peanut m&m's. I don't belive that breast feeding and eating the peanuts have much to do with each other. If you look through the sites, you will see people who had twins or triplets who nursed all, and usually only one had the allergy to peanuts. So I question that. Good luck, there is alot to learn. Just be persistant!! Never give up, you can make it, once you have enough information you will challenge others who dont' understand the allergy or blow it off. Take care.

Posted on: Sat, 10/26/2002 - 9:16pm
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Hi Robin ~
Welcome to the site. I'm sorry to hear about your son's allergy. It's tough in the beginning isn't it? I just wanted to make one point. Make sure you have the Epi Pen, Jr. I've talked to others who have been prescribed the wrong pen for their toddlers. I'm shocked that the doctors AND pharmacists both sometimes make mistakes on this but it happens.
Good luck and if we can help, let us know. I have 3 children (16 years old, 8 years old and 21 months old). The 8 year old is allergic to peanuts and all nuts. He has an airborne problem...staying 2 steps ahead all the time is the challenge! ;-) Nicole

Posted on: Mon, 10/07/2002 - 3:09pm
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You poor thing! I'm in the same boat too. Is there a specific question we can help with? I'm new here too but I'll help with anything I can. I find lots of great info searching too. Just let us know!
Vanessa, mom of a daughter with multiple severe food allergies, aged 15 months.

Posted on: Wed, 10/09/2002 - 12:27am
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Hi all just got yopur email thanks littlev as mulitiple allergys to feathers,dust mites,cats,horeses,misc.molds,trees,grasses,weeds,milk,eggs,and soy. So far. boy is it hard to find bread with no soy not to metion anything else with no soy. Going to have a holloween party instead of door to door.Going to have her retested for pa to see were her levels are,shes a 4 on a scale o 0-6.Trying to get books in the school for the childern,as well as staff in about a year i would like to make the school a nut free school going to get speackers on behalf of all alleric childern,and a dieticanery i know i ddid not spell that right. Any one who can give me adivice on the order i should present thi up comming events for the school i would apprecate it as well as a support group in my area hope all is well to day. Thanks USMC4ever its good to hear from someone.

Posted on: Tue, 09/23/2003 - 11:36pm
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I just need to add to Little V's list
of known allergen's
As of 11-02 Rocephin
As of 9-24-03 Nickle
Love this site

Posted on: Wed, 10/02/2002 - 11:45am
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Hi and welcome! I have a 10 year old son with PA. He has an older and a younger sibling with no food allergies. Obviously, with two it is probably twice as stressful. Have they had many reactions?
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Posted on: Thu, 10/03/2002 - 1:56am
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Thanks for the welcome!! No, they have not had many reactions. My daughter is nine and has only had one reaction when she was three. My son has never reacted but tested positive. I thought maybe they had outgrown it and had them retested a few months back. My daughter's class was higher but they were both still allergic. We carry out epi-pens with us and are always ready for a reaction. However, we don't make a big deal of it. We use common sense and do not eat peanuts nor still close to anyone else that is eating them. All of our family, friends, and church members are very understanding and watch over them diligently.

Posted on: Sun, 02/24/2002 - 6:36am
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Hi and welcome! This site has been a life saver for many of us!


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