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Hi, I am new to the forum. I have a 4yr old son who has a PA and Tree Nut Allergy. We found out when he was 16 mos old. When he was a little over 2yrs old he got a hold of a peanut butter cup. We got him to the ER but we were so unaware of what could have happened, that day was awake up call. I am still scared today not knowing if we will respond right the next time. {hopefully there won't be a next time}. I haven't left my son alone since we found out about the allergy, some people still don't take it serious enough. Since his exposure I won't let anyone near him or aloud peanuts in the same room or area around him. I still have family members who don't take it to heart, which hurts a lot. I am scared for my son all the time, I cried a lot when we found out. He goes everywhere with me, which is taking a toll on him and me, but until I can trust everyone, we have no choice. I just feel they all don't make a point to watch close enough to food items he can and can not have. They must understand, no peanuts means also not made in or on the same place as peanuts and that they can not have peanuts while they are around him. So right now I have a 24/7 job watching everything he does. He understands some, but he is getting older and wants to try new foods and snacks and it's hard for me to let him do it, I am scared all the time. I have been keeping him away from chocolate until recently my husband introduced it to him in cookie form, now he wants it and I just feel like to many chocolate items can contain peanuts, it would have been better never to introduce chocolate. I might over react at times, but I feel better safe then sorry. You will be hearing a lot from me. So glad I found a place to talk.


On May 24, 2006

Hi Maria, and welcome. You'll find a lot of good information here, and a lot of support. Sound like you have been doing a great job of keeping your child safe.

At age 4, though, you are just starting to enter the years where it's not enough just to keep him safe. He is going to need to learn soon how to keep himself safe. I know he is so little right now, but before you know it, he will be a teenager, and when he hits that point he MUST have the skills and confidence to "Just Say No" to peanuts. School years are approaching fast, and even if you home school him, he will be wanting more and new experiences, and he needs to learn how to handle himself, enjoy life and be safe.

And he WILL learn this - one of the best resources on this board are PA adults and parents of grown PA kids who have gone to college, traveled the world, and enjoy life to the fullest.

One day your son will be one of them, and he will be grateful that you helped him get there. (Well, at least as grateful as kids ever get :-)

So please, look around and feel free to ask questions. We are all in this together!

On May 24, 2006

mmmm...chocolate... ds loves chocolate but we're pretty careful. You'll find many people here trust Hershey's labeling. We eat lots of Hershey's Kisses and use Hershey's Cocoa for homemade hot chocolate and chocolate cakes. Tootsie rolls are also safe. Also some of the Hostess stuff - most HoHo' need to check on the plant code. Good Luck! TJsmom