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Hello, I would like to introduce myself. I have a six year old DS, Ruslan, who has multiple food allergies. He is anaphylactic to Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Pepperoni, Amoxicillin, Biaxin, and has a number of environmental allergies. He is also allergic to corn, and wheat.

He is adopted from Kazakhstan, and was 33 months old when he came home in September 2002. None of his allergies to foods showed up until December 2002, and only after he had a reaction to amoxicillin.

My main problem with him is that he has a "survival mechanism" (as the international specialists have phrased it) in which he eats very little if any meat, and is a starch-aholic. He literally gags on white breads, and the only bread he is able to eat is whole-wheat. He will tolerate oatmeal, but prefers grits (we live in southern Georgia).

He eats the same things everyday, and is really starting to get frustrated because he is at the age where he wants to try new foods that his friends have at their houses...but he will not eat at other people's houses because he is scared he will get sick.

The only things he eats are: Rice Krispies, grits, whole-wheat sandwiches with cream cheese and grape jelly, macaroni and cheese, Scooby-Doo popsicles, and ice cream. He will also devour a six pack of yogurts in one day, and loves any type of fresh fruit. He drinks milk, juice, and water and that's about it. He just discovered Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi and will sometimes order those instead of milk or water.

I know several families in our area who have children with PA, TNA, or some other food allergies; but, have yet to meet any whose child has as many as Ruslan.

I also have a hard time finding a day-care center or day camp that will take him due to his allergies. I am a single parent and have to work. He is also starting to get bored with having a private sitter come in and stay with him, and then transport him to activities during the day...but never being able to stay with the other kids for all of the activities.

I guess I am just looking for suggestions to make his life as normal as possible without making him feel that the food allergies/environmental allergies are what define him as a person...not his interests and personality.

mommy to IanRuslan, born 12-11-1999 @ 28 weeks gestation and weighing 1.8 lbs., adopted 8-26-2002

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