New here. 3 yo twins with peanut allergy (and more)


Hi. I'm Dani and I'm new here. I found this website through I have 3 y.o. twin boys who both suffer from a peanut allergy, among other foods. I think we are doing pretty well on handling the allergens right now, even though I'm worried about when we start preschool this fall, and then on to regular school. Does anyone here use the Twinject? Right now I carry 4 Epi Jr's on me, but I'm not sure how easy the Twinjects are to use. Also, I'm trying to find a medical bracelet that would fit a 3 year old that they can't remove. I've looked at the Sport Bands, but I really think they could get the velcro undone in a hurry. But I'm heading back to the work force soon and need to make sure others around them are informed of their medical conditions. Thanks for your help in advance.


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On Mar 10, 2007

Hello and welcome... you will find a lot of good support and advice here. My 4 1/2 dd has a bracelet (from American Medical ID)- there are a lot of companies out there who make medical bracelets. I got her the standard stainless steel bracelet and we took some links out of it. Usually the sports bands are too big for the little kids- I also wanted something rugged- as I'm sure you do with 2 boys. [img][/img] I have the epi pen jr, so I can't help you with any info on the twinject but I am sure someone here can. Good luck with everything and if you need help just give a shout!!

On Mar 10, 2007

Hi Dani Welcome..

My DS is 6 1/2 now but Have a medic alert on him since he was like 4. ( pre school) I went to the medic alert web site and bought the smallest stainless steel one they had.. the first one I had to take a few links off of but it i worked fine.. I work full time and was concerned as well when he went to pre school. But he is doing fine.. We use an epi pen Jr.. and I don't know much about the twin inject.. Therese

On Mar 12, 2007

We use the adjustable bracelets from [url=""][/url] Works great--she has little bitty 13 month old arms! They are wash & wear...usually last her about a month---then her little arm gets too fat!

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