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Hi everybody

I am new here, and learning a lot already. My son was recently diagnosed with peanut allergy and we are avoiding all nuts. He used to be allergic to eggs but new test showed no more egg allergies - but I am still not at ease with giving him eggs, despite the fact that the doctor wants to try. Of course, like all of you I am going crazy over labels and trying to feel good about mealtime again. It's funny but just the memory of eating a peanut makes me nauseated. Me and my husband decided that the only nuts in our lives from now on will be our family members...

My boy is 3 1/2, adorable, sweet as nut free candy...

Are there any more safe food lists around? Now that I know that spaghetti sauce, orange juice and others can be harmful I feel lost and overwhelmed. Of course I will still read all labels every time but some head start in brands would help a lot. It's good to have a place to talk and learning is empowering.


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On Dec 23, 2004

Hi Luisa,

Welcome! It really is overwhelming at first, especially at this time of year.

Safe food lists can be tricky because ingredients can change without notice, and in some cases different sizes of the same product can have different ingredients. Likewise, the same product can be manufactured at different plants and thus have different ingredients as well.

That said, many people here feel comfortable with labelling from Nabisco and General Mills. I've been using Franceso Rinaldi Marinara sauce for years (when I don't make my own), and have never had a problem with Campbell or Progresso soups. Tropicana OJ has also been fine.

Are there any specific products you are having difficulty with? We'll be glad to help you find safe alternatives.

Again, welcome!


On Dec 23, 2004

Welcome, I'm still trying to get a hang of what is safe and what isn't. I agree; read labels read labels read labels.

On Dec 24, 2004

Welcome to the boards!!! just if your intrested- ive got a nut allergy site too!! [url=""][/url]

and also its forum


On Dec 24, 2004

Thanks for the replys!

Actually I have a specific question... My son is a mac&cheese-a-holic and chocoholic. For the chocolate I am ordering from the nut free sites, delicious stuff! Have you guys been ok with Hershey's kisses or other "regular" stuff? Any tips on good old mac & cheese? How about cheese and sliced bread?

Sorry for so many items but at this starting point I am trying to tackle his favorites and any help is very welcome...

On Dec 24, 2004

Hi Luisa, and welcome to the board. [img][/img]

What country are you in? Sometimes what is safe in one country, is not safe in another. (Just a little more confusing information for you. Sorry.)

I'm in Canada, and I trust Hershey labeling. Some of their products state *may contain* on the label and I don't eat those - but I do feel no warning on a Hershey product means I can eat it.

This is also true of Kraft Canada. So we get Kraft mac& cheese.

Any Americans want to give their opinions on these products?

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On Dec 24, 2004

Hi Luisa. I'm in the US and also buy Hershey's chocolate, including the regular Hershey kisses. You have to be careful about the Hershey all chocolate bars because some of them have warnings on them (I think the large size does.) As for mac and cheese, my PN/TNA son likes the Annies brand - it's been awhile since I looked into that company, but I still use it anyway. Also use Pepperidge Farm bread. It sounds like you're not avoiding eggs cooked into things? We're only dealing with peanut and treenut allergies, so I'm not sure about the egg issue. Anyway, that's what we use.

Welcome to the site!

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On Dec 24, 2004

Thanks again for all the sharing...

I am in the US, Florida. I have bought Annies before, I like the organic products. And I also got Linda McCartney, Kraft and Stouffers mac and cheeses in the past.

Yes, my son has always had things with eggs in it without any problems, he wasn't super allergic before to eggs. Besides total avoidance of nuts I am just staying away from plain eggs.

I noticed too that the Hersheys milk bar does vary its labels, I usually get the little plain kisses... grocery shopping takes hours now!

On Dec 24, 2004

I trust Hershey labeling, but tend to buy VNF because it's just so good. We use Annie's Mac 'N Cheese, or I make my own. My kids had been begging me to try Kraft for ages, and since people here seem to trust them I finally relented last week - no problems. (They loved it, BTW, much more than mine [img][/img] .)


On Dec 24, 2004

Amy, I am sure your mac is great but sometimes is hard to compete with big brands! Hey, they have people just to develop, research and test products... We have pans and love... which are more important anyway... [img][/img])

Thanks for the input!