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hi, i'm new here...but have been reading the post for now about month or so...i'm glad i found now 14 month son is diagnosed just after he turned 1 to be PA and TNA. he had anaphylactic reaction after eating less than a quarter of a pistachio nut. looks like he's also allergic to chick peas and split peas. it's a emotional rollercoaster for us...but during last month or so, just reading all you post has given me some strenghth and wisdom on how to hadle it all and i thank you all for that.i'm from connecticut u.s.a.....anybody here from the same place?-dee

On Jul 27, 2004

Hi Mommyoftwo,

Welcome to, sorry you had to find us and glad you're finding useful information.

I know that learning about allergies is quite an emotional roller coaster, we've been on our own ride for just over 1 yr now, and it does get easier. You have an epipen for your child right?

Take care, learn all you can without going crazy, and you'll keep your child safe.


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On Jul 28, 2004

Hi Mommyoftwo,

My son is also PA, TNA, sesame and chick pea allergic, and had his worst reaction to pistachio nuts.

We were totally overwhelmed at first, (especially without internet back then!) but are finding things so much easier now. This site has been invaluable; I think I learn something new everytime I log on here.

Keep reading, ask questions, and you'll be amazed at how much more in control you'll feel in time.

Again, welcome.